Episode 100: Designing Weaving and Knitting Patterns with Angela Tong

Angela Tong is a designer of knitting & weaving patterns, a pottery maker and a Mirrix Looms brand ambassador.

Episode 98: Navajo Rug Weaving Restoration with Penelope Starr in Tucson Arizona

Penelope repairs damaged Navajo rugs by reweaving them in order to restore their original pattern. Navajo rugs are textiles produced by the second most populous of all native indigenous groups in the United States, the Navajo people.

Episode 97: Weaving in South Philadelphia with Melonie Cavallaro Wallace of Fibre Studio

Melonie Cavallaro Wallace is a fine artist and weaver. Melonie studied Fine Art and Art History in Italy where she discovered her passion for classic oil painting, world culture and combining global textures, form, and color.

Episode 89: Weaving And Foraging For Natural Dye in Detroit with Kayla Powers

Kayla Powers is the creator of Salt Textile Studios. Kayla crafts one-of-a-kind, handwoven textiles for home and lifestyle with the belief that goods can be both beautiful and ethical. Her textiles are woven with local fiber, dyed with natural materials and are made to last. Kayla works on the East side of Detroit, Michigan and draws inspiration from the people and the history of the city.

Episode 88: Reconnecting with Weaving Through Identity with Mariela Motilla

Mariela Motilla is a Mexican born artist who studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she found herself circling back to her ancestral roots of textile making in Oaxaca Mexico where she now lives and works.

Episode 86: Handspun Homegrown Naturally Colored Cotton with Yuka Bullard

Yuka is a Japan born cotton grower, spinner & weaver of naturally colored brown and green cotton currently living in the Southern United States.

Episode 85: Community Based Rigid Heddle Weaving with Amy McKnight

Amy is a North Carolina based fiber artist and weaver, and she and I first talked for episode 55 of the podcast. Amy talks about her most recent project traveling around her county to teach weaving and create a public community art project about the threads that bind her community together.

Episode 83: Weaving the Sea with GIST Yarn Ambassador Katte Geneta   

Katte is an artist and weaver who lives and works in New York City. As a Filipino-American, an islander, the sea is an important part of her identity, and the ocean, islands, and land are common threads repeated throughout her work.

Episode 81: Weaving Patterns with GIST Yarn Ambassador Mariah Gaar

Mariah Gaar is a weaver in Missouri, and also a GIST Yarn Ambassador, which means that she regularly works with our yarn and shares the projects she created with our community.

Episode 79: British Sheep Conservation and Ancestral Weaving with Margaret Russell

Margaret Russell is a weaver of almost 40 years. Margaret has a long ancestral history of weaving in her family, and is weaving in the same small coastal town in Northeastern Massachusetts as her great x 9 grandfather worked as a linen weaver in 1635.

Episode 77: Ancient and Contemporary Weaving Techniques with Natalie Novak

o Natalie Novak is a tapestry weaver in Portland Oregon and the founder of Combed Thunder. Natalie draws from ancient and contemporary weaving techniques to explore color, mythology, folklore, and the (super) natural world.

Episode 75: An Artist Run Weaving Mill with Emily Winter

Emily Winter is the co-founder of The Weaving Mill, an artist-run industrial weaving studio in Chicago.