Recommended Weaving Teachers

by Sarah Resnick

We get questions all the time from new and new-ish weavers looking for online resources to learn weaving and improve their skills, so today we wanted to compile some of our favorite websites and teachers. And of course, if you have access to a local shop or weaver's guild where you can learn in person from other weavers, you should absolutely seek out those opportunities.

Rigid Heddle Weaving

We <3 new rigid heddle weavers! Rigid heddle weaving is certainly experiencing a resurgence, and we love hearing from new weavers every day who have been bitten by the weaving bug and are eager to get started. Here are a few of our favorite teachers and resources for learning rigid heddle weaving.


Handweaver, teacher and founder of Yarnworker. Liz also collaborated with us on our Weaver's PlayBox for Rigid Heddle Weavers.

Yarnworker School of Weaving
A Weaver's Guide to Yarn - Digital Edition
Books and resources by Liz Gipson
Warping in Less Than Three Minutes

Amy McKnight - www.amysweavingcommunity.mn.co

Weaver, teacher, and community builder Amy McKnight leads a wonderful and creative online group of rigid heddle weavers called Amy's Weaving Community.

Amy's Weaving Community

Sweet Georgia Yarns - www.sweetgeorgiayarns.com

Hand dyer, weaver and teacher Felicia Lo collaborated with us on our Playbox 3 Fine Blends offering.

On-line Weaving Courses

Craftsy - www.craftsy.com

Collection of online classes for artists and makers

Rigid Heddle Weaving Class with Angela Tong
Rigid Heddle StartUp Library with Deborah Jarchow

Wild Hand - www.wild-hand.com

Supply shop for fiber folk in Philadelphia + virtual weaving and fiber workshops.

Online Workshops

Tapestry & Frame Loom Weaving

Interested in learning tapestry weaving, or weaving on wall hangings on frame looms? There are so many wonderful resources to help you get started - here are a few of our favorites.

Rebecca Mezoff - www.rebeccamezoff.com

Artist, tapestry weaver and teacher in Colorado

Online Classes
Upcoming Workshops
Weave Podcast Interview

Allyson Rousseau - www.allysonrousseau.com

Fibre artist and designer based out of Montréal, Québec

Artist Spotlight feature blog post: Weaving Wall Hangings with Allyson Rousseau

Mirrix Looms - www.mirrixlooms.com

Tapestry and bead looms designed by artist and tapestry weaver Claudia Chase

Free projects and tutorials
Resources for weavers
Mirrix Looms Facebook Group

Table & Floor Loom Weaving

Learning multi-shaft weaving can sometimes feel the most daunting. How do I get this loom warped? How do I figure out the tie-up? Which patterns are suitable for the number of shafts that I have? How do I deal with these tension issues? For multi-shaft looms in particular, we strongly encourage you to seek out a local teacher or weaving buddy who can show you the ropes and help you get started. It's just so much more fun that way! If that's not available for you, or if you're simply looking for more additional learning, here are some of our favorite online weaving resources below. 

Jane Stafford Textiles - www.janestaffordtextiles.com

Online weaver's guild with classes, supplies and project kits. Fabulous and comprehensive selection of teaching videos for both new and experienced weavers.

Online Guild Episodes
Master Sett Chart
Reed Substitution Chart
Discussion forum

Penny Lacroix - www.pennylacroix.com

Handweaver, teacher, and tech editor based in Westford, MA, offering online and in person weaving classes and workshops. 

YouTube Weaving Shorts

Arianna E. Funk - www.areclothesmodern.com

Handweaver and teacher based in Stockholm

Weave of the Month Club - monthly weaving projects
Droppdräll Towels Pattern
Weave Podcast Episode

Gather Textiles - www.gathertextiles.com

Weaving yarn shop in Edmonton, AB

Online Course - How To Weave On A 4-Shaft Loom

Rachel Snack - www.weaverhouseco.com

Artist, conservator and founder of Weaver House Textile Studio

Upcoming Workshops
Weave Podcast Interview and Artist Spotlight

Tien Chu - www.warpandweave.com

Complex weaver and color expert

Curious about color? Check out Tien's Weaving Color Mixer to see how different colors look in different weave structures.

Multi-Shaft Weaving Facebook Group

An active Facebook group of friendly weavers sharing ideas and tips with each other.

Also in Weaving Resources

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How to Sew an Envelope Pillow Cover with Handwoven Fabric

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Weave Structures: Monk's Belt, Crackle Weave, Summer and Winter, Halvdräll
Weave Structures: Monk's Belt, Crackle Weave, Summer and Winter, Halvdräll

by Amanda Rataj

Learn the basics of Monk's Belt, Crackle Weave, Summer and Winter, and Halvdräll. Like overshot, these patterns have a tabby ground and a pattern weft, but the threading and tie-up differ from overshot, and each produces a unique effect.
Mixed Warps: Weaving with Multiple Types of Yarn in a Single Warp
Mixed Warps: Weaving with Multiple Types of Yarn in a Single Warp

by Liz Gipson

Tips for weaving with multiple types of yarn in a single warp.