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Weave Quarterly 4-Shaft Subscription Box

Weave Quarterly is an ongoing subscription series that connects weavers with fiber artists, offering a window into their studio practices through exclusive patterns and curated content.

Subscribers will receive one box per quarter, and each one will include a digital pattern, 4-5 cones of Gist yarn, and a letter from the designer sharing more about their process.

We will feature a new designer every three boxes, and subscribers will continue to receive boxes unless they cancel their subscription. Weave Quarterly will feature a range of projects over time, including scarves, shawls, pillows, rugs, towels, and other home textiles.

Currently, Weave Quarterly: 4-shaft is featuring the work of Amanda Rataj in a collection titled Halftones. Halftones are the areas within an overshot pattern that appear to be shaded in, slightly lighter in tone compared to the solid color floats on the face of the cloth. This is a unique feature of overshot structures that adds dimension, texture, and color variation to the finished design.

This collection plays with both traditional and non-traditional overshot sequences to weave a series of botanically inspired motifs. Amanda’s three projects will be released in June, September, and December 2023.


What type of equipment do I need for this?

All Weave Quarterly projects are designed for looms with at least 24” of weaving width. Projects will vary in size, but never exceed 24”. Reed sizes will vary, so we recommend having a variety in your studio, along with a couple of boat shuttles and a pack of bobbins. Most of our 4-shaft patterns require a 10 or 12 dent reed. You can reference our reed substitution chart here

How does the subscription box work?

When you sign up, you will be charged $135 + shipping. You will receive the pattern for the current project by email, and the corresponding yarn for that project will arrive in the mail. You will then fall into the quarterly billing schedule for future boxes: March 15, June 15, September 15, and December 15. Each quarter, right after your card is charged, you will receive the next pattern by email, and the corresponding yarns will ship within 2 weeks of your card being charged.

What yarn is included in each box?

Each box is filled with a generous selection of our in-house yarn lines (Duet, Mallo, Beam, Array, and Ode). We design our in-house yarn lines especially for weavers from 100% natural fibers. Throughout the course of your subscription, you can expect to receive yarn that is cotton, wool, linen, and alpaca. You will have enough yarn to complete your project, and often have some leftover for future projects. 

Do you charge shipping?

We charge $11.50 for shipping in the Continental US. For pricing to Alaska, Hawaii, and internationally, just add the box to checkout, click on the cart page, scroll down, and enter your zip code to calculate the shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

We sure do! Unfortunately due to Brexit we are not currently able to ship subscription boxes to the UK, but we ship to the rest of the world. Please note that international customers are responsible to pay for all customs and duties your country charges. See above for information about shipping costs. We strongly encourage you to find one or a few weaving friends in your home country, and to order all together to save on shipping costs and qualify for flat rate shipping! To do this, choose one person to purchase and pay for the subscription, and have them check out with 2 (or more) subscription boxes at one time.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We think you’re going to enjoy it so much you won’t want to! But yes, if you decide this isn’t right for you for any reason, you are welcome to pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Please note: if you cancel and later resubscribe, you will not receive the pattern(s) you missed while you were unsubscribed.

How will I receive the pattern?

The first pattern will be delivered to your email as a digital download immediately after purchase. Each subsequent pattern will arrive quarterly immediately after your credit card is charged for that box.

Can I select different colors?

The designer has carefully selected two colorway options for you to choose from that highlight these patterns. Sorry, but we can't accommodate other color substitutions. After you weave your projects with these colors, you are encouraged to select from your stash or purchase additional yarn in other colors and weave them again.

Can I purchase the pattern without the subscription box?

No, these patterns are currently only available as part of the subscription purchase.

Can I do these patterns as a beginner?

These patterns are great for an adventurous beginner. We don’t recommend these for your very first projects, but once you have a few projects under your belt you can certainly enjoy this subscription box.

Can I share the patterns with my friends?

No. Your purchase of the subscription box includes your purchase of the pattern, and the pattern is exclusive for subscribers. Please don’t share it!

Can I use a gift certificate to purchase a subscription box?

Sorry, our subscription software isn't compatible with our gift cards. Please save those for a future purchase.

My question isn't answered here!

Please reach out to hello@gistyarn.com and we'll help you out. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Masumi Kosaka
cute pattern

It is my first quarterly trial. I decided to start this program to weave with patterns and colors that other's choice.
Seed pot towel is very pretty.
I wove 1st one in original color and 2nd one,I changed pattern weft to Mallo steel which I had in my stash.

4shaft quarterly

So much fun learning new techniques. The yarns, the colors, the whole project is so worth it.

A mixed bag

I do not like to be negative, especially since I appreciate Gist's excellent customer service and the design/patterns from this subscription. However, the price is extremely high for a minimal product. I just finished the second box in the alternate colorway and although it is cute, the colors from neither of the available colorways works for me. The goldenrod yellow Beam is too intense for the lavender Mallo stub yarn. I would really enjoy having the patterns available so we can choose our own yarn. I now have a 145 dollar tiny rug that I can't use- so I am thinking of maybe a baby changing mat for my soon to be grandbaby? - but with the longer floats, I am not sure it will hold up long. I have ordered extensively from Gist and will continue to do so, but although fun, this is clearly an very indulgent boutique purchase.

Abby Dennis
Love these boxes

Having such beautiful yarns and patterns to inspire my practice, and specific instruction from the weavers who designed each piece is a treat. I needed something to give me a little push and these boxes do just that.

Mary Lovejoy
Chroma Rocks!

On a very cloudy day and the light not so great in my studio, I decided to start the 2nd box of the quarterly Chroma - the rug. Wow, the colors lifted my spirit, the texture is beautiful. Every pattern of Christine’s is very easy to follow. I also love the review of color combinations. Can’t wait to finish this today and have it under my feet.