Floor Looms

Invest in a floor loom that will delight and inspire you for many years to come. We carry four brands of floor looms: Ashford, Schacht, LeClerc, and Louet - and we’re proud to weave on looms from each of these brands in our own weaving studios.

Questions about which loom to pick? Reach out to us at hello@gistyarn.com and we'll help you out!

Schacht Wolf Pup 18" Floor Loom
from $ 1,548.00 USD
Schacht Baby Wolf 26" Floor Loom
from $ 1,881.00 USD
Schacht Mighty Wolf 36" Floor Loom
from $ 2,944.00 USD
Leclerc Nilus II 4 Harness Floor Loom
from $ 3,105.00 USD
Ashford Jack Floor Loom - 38" Weaving Width
Sold Out
Ashford Jack Floor Loom - 38" Weaving Width
Schacht 36" Standard Floor Loom
from $ 3,501.00 USD
Leclerc Nilus II 8 Harness Floor Loom
from $ 3,565.00 USD
Schacht 45" Standard Floor Loom
from $ 4,296.00 USD
Louet David 8 Harness Loom
from $ 4,629.00 USD

About Floor Looms

What’s the difference between a floor loom and other types of looms, like table looms and rigid heddle looms?

A floor loom is larger and far less portable than a table loom, although some fold for more efficient storage. The shafts on a floor loom are controlled by treadles depressed by the weaver’s feet, leaving hands free for throwing the shuttle and beating. Table looms are smaller than floor looms, often fold for storage and travel, and can be used on a table top or on a stand. The shafts are raised and lowered by levers on the top or side of the loom. A rigid heddle is very portable and has no shafts—just a heddle frame that lifts and lowers to create pattern sheds.

what can i make on a floor loom?

So many things! Table lines, scarves, shawls, towels, cloth for clothing—you are really only limited by your imagination. Similar to a table loom, the multiple shafts enable you to weave complex patterns as well as double-width cloth (fabric twice as wide as your loom).

Which floor loom should i buy?

Your loom purchase depends on a variety of factors—how wide and complex you’d like to weave, your available space, budget, and personal preferences such as portability, weight and rising or sinking shed. We are pleased to carry looms from Ashford, Schacht, LeClerc and Louet. All are highly respected companies known for making quality products, and we are happy to answer questions about their offerings to help you make the best decision for your weaving interests and budget. Contact us athello@gistyarn.com

What else do i need to get started weaving on a floor loom?

For floor loom weaving you will need a few accessories like a warping board or warping mill, boat shuttles and bobbins, a bobbin winder, and, of course, yarn!

Still have questions? We're happy to help! Send us an email at hello@gistyarn.com.