Weaving Equipment and Accessories Bundles

Are you a new weaver gathering equipment and accessories? Our bundles are designed just for you. The Rigid Heddle Weaving Starter Packs are great for people who are starting out (choose from Starter, Deluxe, or Super Deluxe options). The Start & Finish and Wind & Weave bundles are great collections of accessories who already have the loom, and are looking for more tools to support them. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to hello@gistyarn.com or call 617-390-6835, and we will happily help you out!

Most weaving equipment and accessories are shipping in 3-4 weeks. If you need a specific time frame, please contact us.

Ashford Rigid Heddle Weaving Starter Pack
from $ 337.00 USD $ 357.00 USD
Ashford Knitter's Loom Rigid Heddle Weaving Starter Pack
from $ 434.00 USD $ 454.00 USD
Schacht Flip Rigid Heddle Weaving Starter Pack
from $ 474.00 USD $ 494.00 USD
Start & Finish Bundle
from $ 134.00 USD