Wool Weaving Yarn

Wool is the fiber of choice for weavers looking to weave warm and durable home textiles and apparel. Wool can be used for rugs, wall hangings, pillow covers, scarves, shawls, blankets, tapestries, and so much more. We carry two different lines of wool weaving yarn, which you can read about below.

ARRAY WOOL weaving yarn

Array is a 2/12 worsted spun wool yarn, made from primarily Corriedale and Columbia sheep raised on ranches in the western United States, and spun and dyed in North Carolina. It is 2-ply, thin (3,360 yards per lb), and hardy.

  • Tapestry weavers can use Array in weft bundles of 3-4 strands.
  • Multi-shaft weavers can use Array as a warp or weft, with a recommended sett of 20-24 epi.
  • 4 oz cones have 840 yards. 1 oz tubes have 210 yards.

Suffolk wool weaving yarn

This worsted weight, 2-ply wool yarn from Mountain Meadow Wool Mill is durable and well suited for weaving rugs and wall hangings. 100% wool. Made in the USA.

  • Use as warp or weft on a multi-shaft or rigid heddle loom
  • 3.5 oz skeins have 196 yards, 896 yards per lb
  • 8 suggested epi