Episode 138: Introducing Twofold with Gist’s Very Own Christine Jablonski

Christine Jablonksi is the Director of Operations for Gist Yarn, and designer of Twofold, our upcoming subscription box for rigid heddle weavers. Her theme for this project is double weave. 

Episode 132: A New Look For Gist Yarn with Maggie Putnam

For the last seven months we have been working with Maggie Putnam on redesigning our brand identity and rebuilding our website to better reflect the company we’ve become.

Episode 123: Cultivating a Contemporary Weaving Community with Gather Textiles

Gather is a yarn shop and textile studio in Edmonton Alberta. Their aim is to bring people together to exchange ideas, learn from one another, and to celebrate making things with our hands.

Episode 115: A Design House Based in Weaverville, NC with Grace and Amalia of Echoview Fiber Mill

Echoview is a sustainable spinning mill, knitting operation, and design house based in Weaverville, NC.

Episode 111: Sustainable Handspun Eri Silk Fibers with Muezart of Meghalaya India 

Muezart is a small business in Northeast India that focuses on making and selling handspun, naturally dyed Eri Silk to weavers, knitters, crocheters, and other fiber artists.

Episode 109: A Deep Reckoning with Sarah Resnick and LaChaun Moore

LaChaun and Sarah talk about issues of racism and White Supremacy, and the ways they are deeply embedded into our textile industries and communities. This country and the world and all of us are reacting to the murder of George Floyd and so many other Black people at the hands of the police.

Episode 107: Supplying Fiber Folks in Philadelphia with Liz Sytsma of Wild Hand

Liz Sytsma is the founder of Wild Hand, a supply shop for fiber folks in Philadelphia.

Planning for the Future with Sarah Resnick

Sarah records a solocast, sharing a window into how our business is adapting to this time, what we’re feeling scared about and hopeful about, and how we are planning for the future.

Episode 84: Creating The Fiber Circle Studio with Alisha Reyes

Alisha Reyes is the founder of the Fiber Circle Studio, a fiber studio located in the beautiful wine country of Northern California.

Episode 69: Sweet Georgia Yarns with Felicia Lo Wong

Felicia is a designer and entrepreneur from Vancouver, Canada who started her company Sweet Georgia Yarns in 2005.

Episode 66: Wool Fiber Farming with Tamara White of Wing & A Prayer Farm

Tamara is a sustainable wool fiber farmer, homesteader, and natural dye cultivator. She started out as a hobby farmer with her family but has recently transitioned to a production farm.

Episode 47: Macrame and Weaving with Cindy Hwang Bokser of Niroma Studio

In 2015, Cindy was frustrated by limited macrame rope options available in the US, and she began working with manufacturers to create cotton macrame string and rope to use in her own work, and to share with other macrame artists and weavers.

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