Episode 140: Exploring Tapestry Weaving with Rebecca Mezoff

On this week's episode, Sarah speaks with Rebecca Mezoff. Rebecca is a contemporary tapestry weaver in Fort Collins, Colorado, and a tapestry weaving teacher, both in person and online.

Episode 106: Locally Sourced Hand Weaving with Stephanie Pinerio of Shed Textile Company

Shed Textile Company focuses on the art of hand weaving and local fibers in New York State. The fibers used in her pieces are hand-sourced locally from farmers, spinners, shearers, dyers, makers, tradesmen, and the countless regional fiber festivals that dot the countryside every year.

Episode 105: Running A Small Family Wool Business With Ben Hostetler of Mountain Meadow Wool Mill

Ben Hostetler is the Operations Manager at Mountain Meadow Wool Mill. They will be discussing what it's like running a small family business in the wool industry, how ranchers and their own mill are adapting to changes brought by COVID-19.

Episode 94: An Exploration of the Vanishing American Wool Industry with Clara Parkes

In our conversation, we talk about her most recent publication “Vanishing Fleece: Adventures in American Wool.” A tale of her year-long exploration traveling to farms and mills across America in order to transform a 676-pound bale of fleece into commercial yarn.

Episode 93: Commercial Scale Local Wool Carding and Spinning with Mary Jeanne Packer of Battenkill Fibers

Mary Jeanne Packer is the owner of Battenkill Fibers in Greenwich, New York. Battenkill Fibers is the last standing wool fiber mill in New York offering commercial scale carding and spinning for fiber farms and manufactures of yarn and fiber products.

Episode 92: Raising Navajo-Churro Heritage Breeds with Jessica Sanchez of Rusted Earth Farm

Jessica is a farmer and weaver located in Western North Carolina. At Rusted Earth Farm their goal is to produce and design sustainable, handcrafted textiles from the soil up.

Episode 79: British Sheep Conservation and Ancestral Weaving with Margaret Russell

Margaret Russell is a weaver of almost 40 years. Margaret has a long ancestral history of weaving in her family, and is weaving in the same small coastal town in Northeastern Massachusetts as her great x 9 grandfather worked as a linen weaver in 1635.

Episode 68: Handcrafted Wool Fiber Goods with Jane Hansen

Jane Hansen is a small-scale sustainable wool fiber farmer living in Northern Wisconsin.She grows vegetables, greens, herbs, flowers and fruits on a seven year crop rotation as well as uses a management intensive grazing method for her flocks.

Episode 66: Wool Fiber Farming with Tamara White of Wing & A Prayer Farm

Tamara is a sustainable wool fiber farmer, homesteader, and natural dye cultivator. She started out as a hobby farmer with her family but has recently transitioned to a production farm.

Episode 39 : Raising Alpacas on a Fiber Farm with Kacie Lynn

Kacie Lynn is a textile artist and farmer who studied Apparel Design and then decided to sustainably raise alpacas on a small homestead in the Tennessee foothills.

Episode 35: Running a Wool Mill with Karen Hostetler with Mountain Meadow Wool Mill

Founded in 2002, Mountain Meadow Wool is an eco-friendly textile mill that is dedicated to supporting local ranchers.