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This week on the podcast, LaChaun is speaking with Tamara White of Wing & A Prayer Farm.  Tamara is a sustainable wool fiber farmer, homesteader, and natural dye cultivator. She started out as a hobby farmer with her family but has recently transitioned to a production farm.On their farm they use wool as a means of creating a renewable and harmless way to return carbon to the earth. She harvests wool from alpacas, angora goats, cashmere goats, and a variety of purebred, registered, and crossbred sheep. In their conversation they talk about what started as a homeschool project for her children turned into a commercial farm. Comment below to keep the conversation going! 

Tamara White
Tamara White
Tamara White
Tamara White
Tamara White
Tamara White
Tamara White

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The music for this podcast  is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International LicenseThe musical section is an excerpt of the original: The Beauty of Maths by Meydän.

June 14, 2019 —


Anna M Branner

Anna M Branner said:

One of my favorite of your pod casts so far. You can hear the love and enthusiasm! Thank you!

Christien Shipton

Christien Shipton said:

Good morning.
I really enjoyed this podcast this morning. Lovely to hear from the beginning how her journey started.
With the harsh winters in Vermont, this is not an easy process, the warmth and caring for these beautiful animals are so apparent.
Thank you so much.

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