Episode 135: Weaving Journals and Personal Life Struggles with Bryana Bibbs

Bryana is a Chicago-based textile artist, painter, and art educator who earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Fiber and Material Studies at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Episode 134: Weaving Monuments As Memory Signifiers with Carolina Jimenez

Carolina Jimenez is a Mexican-American textile artist and designer living in Brooklyn New York. In Carolina’s weaving practice she makes monuments as memory signifiers, and vessels into which the past is poured, molded or reshaped (woven, unraveled, or stretched).

Episode 129: Weaving Sustainability and Social Justice with Sarah Gotowka of Luna Fiber Studio

Sarah Gotowka is the Founder and Director of Luna Fiber Studio, a textile studio specializing in weaving and natural dyes, rooted in sustainability and social justice.

Episode 128: Emanating From The Textures with Torrey Beckham

Torrey is a Texas-born Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist who uses weaving, plants, and many other creative mediums to create a space for black and queer folks to see themselves reflected in the work emanating from the textures.

Episode 127: Historic Wild Indigo on Johns Island South Carolina with Leigh Magar

Indigo farmer,textile artist, and dressmaker Leigh Magar talks about her textile design studio “Madame Magar” which is inspired by art, nature, folkways, and history.

Episode 126: Poetic Political Quilt Making with Mathematician Chawne Kimber

Chawne Kimber isan African-American mathematician and quilter, known for expressing her political activism in her quilts.

Episode 123: Cultivating a Contemporary Weaving Community with Gather Textiles

Gather is a yarn shop and textile studio in Edmonton Alberta. Their aim is to bring people together to exchange ideas, learn from one another, and to celebrate making things with our hands.

Episode 122: Indigo Growing and Natural Dyeing in Central Baltimore With Kenya Miles

Kenya is a textile artist, farmer, and the alchemist behind the Traveling Miles Studio.

Episode 121: Natural Fibers Sculpture and Gendered Iconography With Sydni Gause

ydni Gause, an interdisciplinary artist and Adjunct Professor in Sculpture at Alfred University.Sydni works with an array of materials that she uses in her sculpture, installation, and fiber-based practice.She uses her work as a means to respond to issues between power structures and gender inequality.

Episode 120: Deconstructing Fiber Making with Kendall Schauder

Kendall talks about her “How to Grow Denim Project” where she works with salvaged raw cotton and indigo in order to document the steps required to create a 40-yard bolt of denim.

Episode 116: Healing Inspiration with Cynthia Alberto Founder of Weaving Hand A Studio Based in Brooklyn New York

Cynthia Alberto is the founder and director of The Weaving Hand, a weaving and healing arts center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.We invited her back on the podcast to talk about how she’s cultivating a healing environment using weaving during a time when we could all use some healing inspiration.

Episode 112: Curating Textile Art with Wouter de Vries and Dorothé Swinkels of Textile Plus Magazine

Wouter de Vries and Dorothe Swinkels of Textile Plus magazine. Textile Plus is a Dutch magazine and website that’s published every three months showcasing works of textile artists around the globe.

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