Episode 122: Indigo Growing and Natural Dyeing in Central Baltimore With Kenya Miles

Kenya is a textile artist, farmer, and the alchemist behind the Traveling Miles Studio.

Episode 120: Deconstructing Fiber Making with Kendall Schauder

Kendall talks about her “How to Grow Denim Project” where she works with salvaged raw cotton and indigo in order to document the steps required to create a 40-yard bolt of denim.

Episode 90: Exploring From Farm to Fabric with Nica Rabinowitz of Fiberhouse Collective

Fiberhouse is a collective that partners with farmers, artists, designers, fiber folks, and scientists to explore from farm to fabric and then back to farm.

Episode 56: Korean Indigo with Euna Lee of Kindigo

Kindigo is a Korean brand , making sustainable & skin-friendly textile products with Korean natural indigo. They run an indigo farm and several indigo workshops in order to introduce Korean indigo extraction and dyeing methods to people today.

Episode 43: Urban Gardening for Textiles in The South Bronx with Sajata Epps

Sajata Epps isa founding member of the Kelly Street Collective in the Bronx, New York. Sajata is an artist and weaver who creates textile products for her lifestyle brand using recycled tools and natural materials from her urban gardening collective.