Episode 141: Teaching and Designing Tapestry Weaving with Tommye Scanlin

Tommye Scanlin is a well-known tapestry weaver, tapestry teacher, and the author of The Nature of Things: Essays of a Tapestry Weaver, as well as her newest book, Tapestry Design Basics and Beyond. 

Episode 140: Exploring Tapestry Weaving with Rebecca Mezoff

On this week's episode, Sarah speaks with Rebecca Mezoff. Rebecca is a contemporary tapestry weaver in Fort Collins, Colorado, and a tapestry weaving teacher, both in person and online.

Episode 102: Tapestry Weaving in Quebec with Thoma Ewen

Thoma is a tapestry weaver in Quebec, Canada whose work focuses on a lifelong love of the natural environment. She is also the founder of Moon Rain, a center for tapestry weaving and teaching, and a place for creative retreat and renewal.

Episode 97: Weaving in South Philadelphia with Melonie Cavallaro Wallace of Fibre Studio

Melonie Cavallaro Wallace is a fine artist and weaver. Melonie studied Fine Art and Art History in Italy where she discovered her passion for classic oil painting, world culture and combining global textures, form, and color.

Episode 11: Tapestry Weaving with Rebecca Mezoff

Rebecca Mezoff is a contemporary tapestry weaver who lives in Fort Collins, Colorado. Her work is widely known and exhibited in public and private collections.

Episode 9: Weaving as Meditation with Sarah Neubert

Sarah Neubert is a fiber artist who lives at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Episode 4: Loom Manufacturing and Tapestry Weaving with Claudia Chase and Elena Zuyok of Mirrix Looms

Claudia founded Mirrix Looms in 1996 when she wanted a portable loom that she could take to weave with at her children’s sports games.