Episode 4: Loom Manufacturing and Tapestry Weaving with Claudia Chase – GIST: Yarn & Fiber
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I had so much fun talking the mother-daughter team behind Mirrix Looms, Claudia Chase and Elena Zuyok. Claudia founded Mirrix Looms in 1996 when she wanted a portable loom that she could take to weave with at her children’s sports games. 22 years later Mirrix Looms is a beloved company and loom used by tapestry weavers and bead weavers all over the US and around the world. On this episode I chatted with Claudia and her daughter Elena about how their company has developed, what it’s like to run a family business together, their tips for people who want to dive into tapestry or bead weaving for the first time, and lots more.  

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Julia said:

Another enjoyable and educational podcast. It’s lovely to hear how dedicated these two are to ensuring the manufacturing of their looms is done with integrity and to hear about the many different ways their looms are being used. Thank you, Sarah. It is so much fun to learn more about the Wide World of Weaving.

Elaine Todd

Elaine Todd said:

I started listening to your pod cast and unfortunately my phone wouldn’t let me hear it all. I have been weaving for many years and like the portability of the pipe loom designed by Archie Brennen but wanted a shedding devise to Weave thread at 22epi so wanted to check out the Mirrex loom. I borrowed a loom but it didn’t have the shedding devise so I ordered that, now before I start i’m Thinking I wanted my own, so i’m Thinking about ordering my own.
I live remote so sometimes streaming doesn’t happen for me.


Nancy HEWINS said:

The podcast was most informative. Although I have known a little on how Mirrix got started, this added more.
It is also interesting to me that if two or more people are given the same supplies and loom, how different the outcome of each. Hope you do more.

Donna Wynn

Donna Wynn said:

Wonderful podcast! Claudia and Elena are amazing additions to this Tapestry Journey for all of us. I have learned so much from them and love my Mirrix looms! Thank you for having them on and congrats on your website, store and podcasts!


SHEILA said:

I was so excited to find this episode and your podcast!

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