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Today's episode of the Weave podcast is a fascinating interview with Tien Chiu. I have admired Tien’s work for many years, in particular her spectacular use of color. Tien Chiu is an award-winning textile artist and writer who lives and works in the Bay Area. Her weaving has appeared on the cover of Handwoven Magazine, her handwoven wedding dress was part of an exhibit at the American Textile History Museum, and she writes regularly for weaving journals. She is also President of the Board at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.

Tien Chiu's website

Tien Chiu weaver

Handwoven kodachrome jacket Tien Chiu

handwoven wedding dress tien chiu

tien chiu handwoven wedding dress

tien chiu weaving

February 04, 2018 — Sarah Resnick


Darlys Dulin

Darlys Dulin said:

Beautiful colors.

Wanda B

Wanda B said:

Thanks so much for these podcasts. I especially enjoyed the one on color. Looking forward to Monday’s podcast!

Doreen MacL

Doreen MacL said:

Great to have a weaving podcast! I have enjoyed all three episodes and look forward to more.

Barbara Rickman

Barbara Rickman said:

Tien’s blog is a treasure and has solved my problems with how I might show off my handspun and handpainted yarn.

Thanks Tien!

ilse hoekstein-philips

ilse hoekstein-philips said:

Great podcast. Thank you Sarah and Tien for sharing this. As a graphic designer I’m having problems with the blending of the colours when I’m weaving. So I started following Tien’s website Warp & Weave. Great source and very helpful.
Greetings from the Netherlands !

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