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Episode 11: Tapestry Weaving with Rebecca Mezoff

Rebecca Mezoff is a contemporary tapestry weaver who lives in Fort Collins, Colorado. Her work is widely known and exhibited in public and private collections. She is also a much beloved tapestry weaving teacher, working with students both in-person and through online learning classes. In our conversation we discussed Rebecca's experience as an artist in residence at a National Park, her process of communicating with clients on custom tapestries, how she approaches her work as a weaving teacher, and so much more. Comment below and let us know what you thought of the episode! 

Rebecca Mezoff tapestry weaving
Emergence VII, 45 x 45 inches, hand-dyed wool tapestry. Photo by Cornelia Theimer Gardella

Rebecca Mezoff Tapestry
Rebecca Mezoff tapestry weaving
Emergence VI, 16 x 49 inches, hand-dyed wool tapestry
rebecca mezoff weaving
Cherry Lake, 8 x 13 inches, hand-dyed wool tapestry.

Rebecca Mezoff tapestry weaving
Emergence V: The Center Place, 45 x 45 inches

Rebecca Mezoff tapestry weaving
Emergence I, 48 x 48 inches, hand-dyed wool tapestry. Photo: Gregory Case

Rebecca Mezoff tapestry weaving
 Lifelines, 72 x 24 inches, hand-dyed wool tapestry. Photo: Gregory Case

2 Responses

randi winters
randi winters

June 01, 2018

Thanks so much Sarah for this great podcast with Rebecca! I listened while working on my little Hokett loom and I thoroughly enjoyed the questions you asked, I learned so much. I am in Rebecca’s Little Looms online class but your podcast inspired me to delve deeper into my own process. I can’t wait to hear the episodes I have missed. Thanks again for this great podcast!

Donna Wynn
Donna Wynn

April 03, 2018

Enjoyed this podcast so much! Thank you for presenting such great guests on your podcasts. I am enjoying hearing the different perspectives about weaving. This is a much needed forum for weavers! Thank you for keeping us inspired!

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