Episode 10: Weaving with Silk with Susan Du Bois of Treenway Silks – GIST: Yarn & Fiber
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What a pleasure to talk with Susan Du Bois, owner of Treenway Silks, on the podcast today! Treenway Silks is widely known in the weaving community as a source for exquisite silk yarns and fiber hand-dyed every color of the rainbow.

I stock a number of colorways of Susan’s silk yarn and fiber in my weaving yarn shop, and every time I pull out the color card to select my choices for a new order I feel like a kid in a candy story - give me everything! I was thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to Susan today about the story behind her business, where her love of color comes from, tips she has for weaving with silk, and so much more.

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Free Drafts for Weaving Silk Scarves

Free Pattern for Weaving a Silk/Yak Scarf

treenway silks weaving yarn

treenway silks weaving yarn

treenway silks weaving yarn

treenway silks weaving yarn

treenway silks weaving yarn

treenway silks weaving yarn

treenway silks weaving yarn

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Phillenore said:

enjoyed the interview with Susan Du Bois!


Judy said:

I’m new to your podcast, but have enjoyed both that I’ve heard. I used to do business with Treenway when they were in Canada, so it was interesting to hear about the new owners and that they are now located in Colorado. I’ve just begun weaving with silk, so was very impressed to see all of the colors that they have AND to learn about Kiku (both the dog and the silk!). I can see oodles and oodles of Kiku in the future. ;-)
Thanks for a great weaving podcast.


Donna said:

I’m loving your podcasts—they are so inspiring!

Cathy Powell

Cathy Powell said:

Just found your podcasts! Love this and have learned so much about silk on this podcast, it was very interesting. Thank you for this.


Shishi said:

Your podcasts are so full of info and inspiration! I lived this episode about silk…thankyou so much.

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