Episode 126: Poetic Political Quilt Making with Mathematician Chawne Kimber

Chawne Kimber isan African-American mathematician and quilter, known for expressing her political activism in her quilts.

Episode 119: The Warmth of Weaving on the Scottish East Coast with Yarrow Magdalena

Yarrow Magdalena lives a soft, slow life in Scotland and creates rituals and ceremonies for the big and small milestones in life.

Episode 110: Custom Stitches Of All Kinds With Michelle Brooks Of The Stitchering Shop

Michelle creates custom textile art pieces using a variety of fiber techniques such as tufting, embroidery stitching and weaving.

Episode 108: The Aesthetic Simplicity of Hand Stitching of with Judy Martin

Judy is a full-time professional textile artist in Ontario, Canada. She uses dye, thread, and cloth as primary materials to produce works through stitching these materials by hand. The process is time-consuming, but the healing meditation inherent in the method gives her the vitality to fulfill her large scale projects.

Episode 74: Ancestral Textile Making with Miriam Vegara

Miriam Vegara isa Brooklyn-born Mexican American textile artist and educator.