Episode 136: Heirloom Naturally Colored Cotton in Shades of Pink with Maud Lerayer of Behind The Hill

Maud is the founder of Behind The Hill, a textile company based in Brooklyn, New York. Behind The Hill creates unique and contemporary pieces for home decor using a variety of heirloom cotton which grows wild in shades of pink, terra-cotta, green, beige, and white in Mexico and Guatemala.

Episode 133: Regenerative Storytelling with Amy DuFault

Amy is a sustainable textile industry writer. She works as the sustainability and communications Director for Botanical Colors as well as the  Communications Lead for TS Designs and co-runs the Southeastern New England Fibershed.

Episode 130: Regenerative Fashion with Lydia Wendt of California Cloth Foundry

In this week’s episode, LaChaun is speaking with Lydia Wendt the Founder and Design Director of the California Cloth Foundry, who's mission is to positively change the industry one bolt of fabric and garment at a time.

Episode 129: Weaving Sustainability and Social Justice with Sarah Gotowka of Luna Fiber Studio

Sarah Gotowka is the Founder and Director of Luna Fiber Studio, a textile studio specializing in weaving and natural dyes, rooted in sustainability and social justice.

Episode 122: Indigo Growing and Natural Dyeing in Central Baltimore With Kenya Miles

Kenya is a textile artist, farmer, and the alchemist behind the Traveling Miles Studio.

Episode 92: Raising Navajo-Churro Heritage Breeds with Jessica Sanchez of Rusted Earth Farm

Jessica is a farmer and weaver located in Western North Carolina. At Rusted Earth Farm their goal is to produce and design sustainable, handcrafted textiles from the soil up.

Episode 80: Fiber Farming and Forestry with Casey Newman of Cedar Dell Forrest Farm

Casey Newman is an environmental educator, natural dye cultivator and co-owner and operator of Cedar Dell Forrest Farm. A forest farm that aims to maintain the health and integrity of the natural ecosystem while sustainably raising animals and growing food on the non-forested portion of the property.

Episode 68: Handcrafted Wool Fiber Goods with Jane Hansen

Jane Hansen is a small-scale sustainable wool fiber farmer living in Northern Wisconsin.She grows vegetables, greens, herbs, flowers and fruits on a seven year crop rotation as well as uses a management intensive grazing method for her flocks.

Episode 66: Wool Fiber Farming with Tamara White of Wing & A Prayer Farm

Tamara is a sustainable wool fiber farmer, homesteader, and natural dye cultivator. She started out as a hobby farmer with her family but has recently transitioned to a production farm.

Episode 64: Acadian Brown Cotton, A Cajun Love Story with Sharon Donnan

Sharon along with small farmers and hand weavers in Louisiana are working towards reviving Acadian Brown Cotton. Sharon talks about creating the documentary film Cotonjaune", Acadian Brown Cotton, A Cajun Love Story”, which dives into the fascinating and little-known history of hand weaving and brown cotton in Louisiana.

Episode 62: Coaxing Dye from Plants with Liz Spencer the Dogwood Dyer

Episode 52: Cultivating Naturally Colored Cotton with Sally Fox

Sally is an organic bio-dynamic farmer located in the Capay Valley of Northern California. In addition to her climate beneficial wool Sally Fox has made a huge contribution to the genetics of cultivating and bringing naturally colored cotton to the market.

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