Episode 139: Rhythm and Texture with Multimedia Artist and Musician Lea Thomas

On this week's episode, LaChaun speaks with Lea Thomas. Born in Hawaii and based in Brooklyn, Lea Thomas is a multimedia artist with a focus on music and weaving.

Episode 136: Heirloom Naturally Colored Cotton in Shades of Pink with Maud Lerayer of Behind The Hill

Maud is the founder of Behind The Hill, a textile company based in Brooklyn, New York. Behind The Hill creates unique and contemporary pieces for home decor using a variety of heirloom cotton which grows wild in shades of pink, terra-cotta, green, beige, and white in Mexico and Guatemala.

Episode 133: Regenerative Storytelling with Amy DuFault

Amy is a sustainable textile industry writer. She works as the sustainability and communications Director for Botanical Colors as well as the  Communications Lead for TS Designs and co-runs the Southeastern New England Fibershed.

Episode 122: Indigo Growing and Natural Dyeing in Central Baltimore With Kenya Miles

Kenya is a textile artist, farmer, and the alchemist behind the Traveling Miles Studio.

Episode 121: Natural Fibers Sculpture and Gendered Iconography With Sydni Gause

ydni Gause, an interdisciplinary artist and Adjunct Professor in Sculpture at Alfred University.Sydni works with an array of materials that she uses in her sculpture, installation, and fiber-based practice.She uses her work as a means to respond to issues between power structures and gender inequality.

Episode 111: Sustainable Handspun Eri Silk Fibers with Muezart of Meghalaya India 

Muezart is a small business in Northeast India that focuses on making and selling handspun, naturally dyed Eri Silk to weavers, knitters, crocheters, and other fiber artists.

Episode 103: Researching Natural Dyes For The Next Generation of Fashion Professionals with Kelsie Doty

Kelsie’s work aims to teach the next generation of fashion professionals about design and sustainability through scientific research and experimentation of natural dyes for the commercial market.

Episode 96: Quilting and Natural Dye Cultivating in Oakland with Kristin Arzt of Scrambles Quilts

Kristin is a quilter, natural dye grower and artist instructor residing in Oakland, California. She fuses yoga and wellness with her fiber practice and I'm excited to have her on the podcast this week to talk about her experience working in the beautiful natural fiber hub, Northern California.

Episode 91: Ochre Earth Pigments with Heidi Gustafson of Early Futures

Heidi is an archivist and practitioner of earth pigments that she extracts from landscapes, mostly in the Western United States. Her pigments can be used for an array of making mediums, such as an art practice or medicinal properties.

Episode 90: Exploring From Farm to Fabric with Nica Rabinowitz of Fiberhouse Collective

Fiberhouse is a collective that partners with farmers, artists, designers, fiber folks, and scientists to explore from farm to fabric and then back to farm.

Episode 89: Weaving And Foraging For Natural Dye in Detroit with Kayla Powers

Kayla Powers is the creator of Salt Textile Studios. Kayla crafts one-of-a-kind, handwoven textiles for home and lifestyle with the belief that goods can be both beautiful and ethical. Her textiles are woven with local fiber, dyed with natural materials and are made to last. Kayla works on the East side of Detroit, Michigan and draws inspiration from the people and the history of the city.

Episode 88: Reconnecting with Weaving Through Identity with Mariela Motilla

Mariela Motilla is a Mexican born artist who studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she found herself circling back to her ancestral roots of textile making in Oaxaca Mexico where she now lives and works.

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