Episode 137: Entangling Craft and Tech with Shanel Wu

Shanel is a Taiwanese-American, nonbinary, queer, maker who uses their fiber skills to entangle craft and tech. 

Episode 133: Regenerative Storytelling with Amy DuFault

Amy is a sustainable textile industry writer. She works as the sustainability and communications Director for Botanical Colors as well as the  Communications Lead for TS Designs and co-runs the Southeastern New England Fibershed.

Episode 130: Regenerative Fashion with Lydia Wendt of California Cloth Foundry

In this week’s episode, LaChaun is speaking with Lydia Wendt the Founder and Design Director of the California Cloth Foundry, who's mission is to positively change the industry one bolt of fabric and garment at a time.

Episode 124: Accountability In Fashion with Lauren B. Fay of The New Fashion Initiative

Lauren B. Fay isthe founder and executive director of the New Fashion Initiative. The New Fashion Initiative is a foundation creating interdisciplinary education and communications initiatives to promote circulatory collaboration, and accountability in the fashion industry.

Episode 122: Indigo Growing and Natural Dyeing in Central Baltimore With Kenya Miles

Kenya is a textile artist, farmer, and the alchemist behind the Traveling Miles Studio.

Episode 116: Healing Inspiration with Cynthia Alberto Founder of Weaving Hand A Studio Based in Brooklyn New York

Cynthia Alberto is the founder and director of The Weaving Hand, a weaving and healing arts center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.We invited her back on the podcast to talk about how she’s cultivating a healing environment using weaving during a time when we could all use some healing inspiration.

Episode 115: A Design House Based in Weaverville, NC with Grace and Amalia of Echoview Fiber Mill

Echoview is a sustainable spinning mill, knitting operation, and design house based in Weaverville, NC.

Episode 111: Sustainable Handspun Eri Silk Fibers with Muezart of Meghalaya India 

Muezart is a small business in Northeast India that focuses on making and selling handspun, naturally dyed Eri Silk to weavers, knitters, crocheters, and other fiber artists.

Episode 103: Researching Natural Dyes For The Next Generation of Fashion Professionals with Kelsie Doty

Kelsie’s work aims to teach the next generation of fashion professionals about design and sustainability through scientific research and experimentation of natural dyes for the commercial market.

Episode 99: Revitalizing the American Textile Industry with Leigh Anne Hilbert of The Carolina Textile District

Leigh Anne Hilbert is the Network Coordinator for the Carolina Textile District, an enterprise of The Industrial Commons.Leigh also opened The Drygoods Studios, a community driven mixed-use studio space in the heart of West Asheville, where she sells her canvas and leather bags and accessories.

Episode 94: An Exploration of the Vanishing American Wool Industry with Clara Parkes

In our conversation, we talk about her most recent publication “Vanishing Fleece: Adventures in American Wool.” A tale of her year-long exploration traveling to farms and mills across America in order to transform a 676-pound bale of fleece into commercial yarn.

Episode 93: Commercial Scale Local Wool Carding and Spinning with Mary Jeanne Packer of Battenkill Fibers

Mary Jeanne Packer is the owner of Battenkill Fibers in Greenwich, New York. Battenkill Fibers is the last standing wool fiber mill in New York offering commercial scale carding and spinning for fiber farms and manufactures of yarn and fiber products.

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