Episode 92: Raising Navajo-Churro Heritage Breeds with Jessica Sanchez of Rusted Earth Farm

Jessica is a farmer and weaver located in Western North Carolina. At Rusted Earth Farm their goal is to produce and design sustainable, handcrafted textiles from the soil up.

Episode 90: Exploring From Farm to Fabric with Nica Rabinowitz of Fiberhouse Collective

Fiberhouse is a collective that partners with farmers, artists, designers, fiber folks, and scientists to explore from farm to fabric and then back to farm.

Episode 89: Weaving And Foraging For Natural Dye in Detroit with Kayla Powers

Kayla Powers is the creator of Salt Textile Studios. Kayla crafts one-of-a-kind, handwoven textiles for home and lifestyle with the belief that goods can be both beautiful and ethical. Her textiles are woven with local fiber, dyed with natural materials and are made to last. Kayla works on the East side of Detroit, Michigan and draws inspiration from the people and the history of the city.

Episode 80: Fiber Farming and Forestry with Casey Newman of Cedar Dell Forrest Farm

Casey Newman is an environmental educator, natural dye cultivator and co-owner and operator of Cedar Dell Forrest Farm. A forest farm that aims to maintain the health and integrity of the natural ecosystem while sustainably raising animals and growing food on the non-forested portion of the property.

Episode 70: SLO Fiber Studio with Stephanie L. Ondo

She is the founder of SLO Fiber Studio, a project named after her married initials S-L-O which can be read as "slow" - a hopeful word in a world that often moves too fast.

Episode 66: Wool Fiber Farming with Tamara White of Wing & A Prayer Farm

Tamara is a sustainable wool fiber farmer, homesteader, and natural dye cultivator. She started out as a hobby farmer with her family but has recently transitioned to a production farm.

Episode 62: Coaxing Dye from Plants with Liz Spencer the Dogwood Dyer

Episode 60: Natural Dyeing in Budapest with Sara Hajgato

Sara is a Hungarian natural dyer and small scale grower based in Budapest, Hungary. Over the past year she has been collaborating with a rural eco-community to grow dye plants and run small-scale experiments, in which she re-purposes vintage garments with natural dyes.

Episode 56: Korean Indigo with Euna Lee of Kindigo

Kindigo is a Korean brand , making sustainable & skin-friendly textile products with Korean natural indigo. They run an indigo farm and several indigo workshops in order to introduce Korean indigo extraction and dyeing methods to people today.

Episode 49: Climate Beneficial Textile Farming with Rebecca Burgess of Fibershed

Fibershed started as a personal project of Rebecca’s where she sought out a wardrobe that could be tracked within 150 miles of her location. And that personal project turned into a pioneering source for the progression towards a more sustainable equitable textile farming industry across the US.

Episode 45: Regenerative Regional Flax Production with Angela Wartes-Kahl of Fibrevolution

Fibrevolution is a seed-to-seed producer of high quality organic bast fiber, yarn, and cloth born of regenerative processes, sustainable systems, carbon farming practices, regional manufacturing and community education.

Episode 41: Flax to Linen with Sandy Fisher of Chico Flax

Chico Flax is a movement to promote a more self-reliant flax-to-fabric textile industry in the Northern Sacramento Valley. Sandy, along with other regional growers and gardeners, grows, harvests, and processes the plant for fiber.