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This week on the podcast LaChaun is speaking with Judy Martin. Judy is a full-time professional textile artist in Ontario, Canada. She uses dye, thread, and cloth as primary materials to produce works through stitching these materials by hand. The process is time-consuming, but the healing meditation inherent in the method gives her the vitality to fulfill her large scale projects. In 2010 Judy began harvesting and processing natural plant dyes from local fields to create her work. Her practice is informed by the aesthetics of simplicity, time, labor, repetition, and the sense of touch. Comment below to keep the conversation going! 

Judy Martin

Judy Martin

Judy Martin's poem book  "Not To Know" is available for purchase $10 plus $2 shipping. Interested people should email me if interested in purchasing and I will invoice through paypal. 

Judy Martin

Not To Know But To Go On 13" x 220 feet, 2013, found fabrics couched to artist canvas with cotton embroidery floss. A daily practice for three entire years, the artist used an entire skein of floss for each day. The whirl of time made visible.

Judy MartinNot To Know But To Go On 13" x 220 feet, 2013, artist Judy Martin. 

Judy Martin

Soft Summer Gone, plant dyed silk quilt, hand quilted with embroidery stitches, 100 inches by 100 inches, winner of two awards for surface design at Quilt National 2017.

Judy Martin

All things can be mended , 2019 watercolour with thread on paper.

Judy Martin

Be Emptier, 2019 watercolour with thread on paper.

Judy Martin

Prayer To The Sky 2019 60" x 64.5" or 152 x 164 cm ,Three layers of wool, dyed with indigo or madder, hand stitched.

Judy Martin

Island Heart, 2019 ,Rayon, silk, rust, harvested local plant-dyes, a few commercial fabrics including my late father's hospital gown, 80" h x 73" w, embroidered with wool yarns and hand quilted with cotton threads .

Judy Martin

Bandaged Quilt , Judy Martin. 

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