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This week on the podcast I am speaking with Yuka Bullard of Seed&Hand. Yuka is a Japan born cotton grower, spinner & weaver of naturally colored brown and green cotton currently living in the Southern United States. Yuka’s gardening practice started over 10 years ago and I am excited to share our conversation about her fiber journey and how her cultural heritage has influenced her weaving and fiber practice. Comment below to keep the conversation going! 

Amy McKnight
Amy McKnight
Amy McKnight
Amy McKnight
Amy McKnight
Amy McKnight
Amy McKnight
Amy McKnight
Amy McKnight
Amy McKnight
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November 03, 2019 —



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Bradley Mowers

Bradley Mowers said:

So good hearing about Yuka`s work and passion. In Mexico, I am also a grower, spinner and weaver of green and brown cotton.

Stafford Dean

Stafford Dean said:

I absolutely loved hearing this episode! Yuka is such an inspiration 😊. I just wanted to mention that the link in the show notes on Apple Podcasts has a typo on the URL (gisatyarn.com), so listeners might have trouble finding this page.

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