Episode 119: The Warmth of Weaving on the Scottish East Coast with Yarrow Magdalena

Yarrow Magdalena lives a soft, slow life in Scotland and creates rituals and ceremonies for the big and small milestones in life.

Episode 118: An Array of Fiber Making Mediums with Tammi Williams of Yarn & Whiskey

Tammi is a fiber artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Her fiber practice incorporates an array of fiber making mediums from weaving and knitting to sewing and construction using beautifully patterned and colorful fabrics and materials that are inspired by African patterns, prints, and textiles.

Episode 116: Healing Inspiration with Cynthia Alberto Founder of Weaving Hand A Studio Based in Brooklyn New York

Cynthia Alberto is the founder and director of The Weaving Hand, a weaving and healing arts center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.We invited her back on the podcast to talk about how she’s cultivating a healing environment using weaving during a time when we could all use some healing inspiration.

Episode 114: An Artisan Fiber Mill in Vermont with Susan Snider of Mad River Fiber Mill

Susan Snider is the founder of Mad River Fiber Mill. Mad River Fiber Arts & Mill is a full-service fiber processing mini mill in Waitsfield, Vermont, working with wool, alpaca, llama, mohair, and even angora fiber!

Episode 113: Saori Weaving and Divination with Lisa Shobhana Mason

Lisa is a Saori weaver, designer, instructor, intuitive, and astrologer.

Episode 111: Sustainable Handspun Eri Silk Fibers with Muezart of Meghalaya India 

Muezart is a small business in Northeast India that focuses on making and selling handspun, naturally dyed Eri Silk to weavers, knitters, crocheters, and other fiber artists.

Episode 110: Custom Stitches Of All Kinds With Michelle Brooks Of The Stitchering Shop

Michelle creates custom textile art pieces using a variety of fiber techniques such as tufting, embroidery stitching and weaving.

Episode 107: Supplying Fiber Folks in Philadelphia with Liz Sytsma of Wild Hand

Liz Sytsma is the founder of Wild Hand, a supply shop for fiber folks in Philadelphia.

Episode 106: Locally Sourced Hand Weaving with Stephanie Pinerio of Shed Textile Company

Shed Textile Company focuses on the art of hand weaving and local fibers in New York State. The fibers used in her pieces are hand-sourced locally from farmers, spinners, shearers, dyers, makers, tradesmen, and the countless regional fiber festivals that dot the countryside every year.

Episode 104: Therapeutically Weaving In The Round with Ashton Zager

Ashton is a fiber artist based out of her home in Asheville, North Carolina. She’s a self taught weaver, known for her beautiful circular weavings and woven jewelry pieces.

Episode 102: Tapestry Weaving in Quebec with Thoma Ewen

Thoma is a tapestry weaver in Quebec, Canada whose work focuses on a lifelong love of the natural environment. She is also the founder of Moon Rain, a center for tapestry weaving and teaching, and a place for creative retreat and renewal.

Episode 101: Weaving through Lupus and MS with Lynn Battle in Birmingham Alabama

Lynn Battle is an incredibly talented self-taught weaver who began weaving to help offset her symptoms after being diagnosed with Lupus and MS.