Episode 50: Crossing Threads with Sisters Lauren and Kass Hernandez

Lauren and Kass Hernandez are Australian-born sisters of Filipino heritage based in Sydney, and the founders of Crossing Threads. Their work is truly distinctive and highly textural.

Episode 48: Weave of the Month Club with Arianna Funk

Arianna is a handweaver in Stockholm, and the founder of Weave of the Month Club, a subscription service to liven up the world of weaving drafts.

Episode 47: Macrame and Weaving with Cindy Hwang Bokser of Niroma Studio

In 2015, Cindy was frustrated by limited macrame rope options available in the US, and she began working with manufacturers to create cotton macrame string and rope to use in her own work, and to share with other macrame artists and weavers.

Episode 46: Jane Patrick and Barry Schacht from Schacht Spindle Co

As weavers and spinners around the world know, Schacht is a beloved company making beautiful, high quality equipment for weavers and spinners. All of their products are made in Boulder, Colorado, and they are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year.

Episode 44: Cultivating a Creative Weaving Practice with Andrea Carpenter

In this conversation we talk about how she cultivated a creative weaving practice to help her through a very challenging time, how she sees her work as a feminist and an artist intersecting, and lots more.

Episode 42: An International Textile Community with Ashley Thurman and Beth Meyer of FibreShare

Fibreshare is one of those beautiful weaving institutions that make our community so special. Founded in 2015, FibreShare is at its very basic an international yarn swap.

Episode 40: Jacquard Weaving with Cathryn Amidei

Cathryn Amidei is an expert Jacquard weaver and teacher.I first met Cathryn at Laurie Carlson Steger’s studio in Massachusetts last spring, where she was teaching a workshop on the TC2 Jacquard loom.

Episode 39 : Raising Alpacas on a Fiber Farm with Kacie Lynn

Kacie Lynn is a textile artist and farmer who studied Apparel Design and then decided to sustainably raise alpacas on a small homestead in the Tennessee foothills.

Episode 38: Textile Journeys with Sarah Resnick

This week, we're turning the tables a bit, LaChaun will be interviewing me (Sarah) for the show. In our conversation, we talk about how I became a weaver, and what inspired me to create the this little weaving yarn shop and start this podcast.

Episode 36: Online Weaving Guild with Jane Stafford

Jane is an accomplished Canadian weaver and much beloved teacher who has taught many weavers over the decades of her career. She also hosts an online weaving guild which welcomes weavers all over the world into her class even if they aren't able to travel to Salt Spring Island in person to take a workshop.

Episode 34: Frames/Looms with Emma Rhodes

This past summer Emma began working with me as GIST's Studio and Community Coordinator, where she collaborates with our beloved weaving community to create patterns and inspire other weaver

Episode 32: Participatory Weaving with Kacie Lyn Martinez

Kacie Lyn Martinez is participatory fiber artist, facilitator, and systems designer. Kacie uses fiber arts to create spaces, tools, and technologies that honor our humanity.