Episode 24: Weaving Guilds with Jayne Flanagan

Jayne is a very experienced weaver who lives in Maine. She has been active in starting and leading a number of weaving guilds, which is a topic I know many of you have been eager to hear about on the podcast.

Episode 21: Weaving Intertraditional Fabric with Shogo Hirata and Lisa Roos

Shogo is a Japanese textile artist based in Gothernberg, Sweden, and Lisa is a Swedish textile artist based in Stockholm. With Intertradition, they take inspiration from the Swedish weaving and pattern tradition and filter this through a Japanese traditional weaving technique, creating what they call intertraditional fabric.

Art and Weaving with Consuelo Jimenez Underwood

Fiber artist and weaver Consuelo Jimenez Underwood is the daughter of migrant agricultural workers, a Chicana mother and a father of Huichol descent.

Episode 6: Indian Handloom Communities with Smita Paul of Indigo Handloom

Smita is the founder of Indigo Handloom, which works with over 500 weavers in rural India to produce beautiful, handwoven textiles using ancient techniques.

Episode 2: Natural Dyeing and Tapestry Weaving with Omar Chavez Santiago