Episode 55: Weaving on Small Looms with Amy McKnight

Amy is a North Carolina based fiber artist and weaver. I have admired Amy’s work on Instagram for a while, and particularly admire Amy’s passion for spreading the love of weaving on small looms.

Episode 54: Sea Island Indigo with Donna Hardy

Donna is an indigo grower and dyer located in Athens, Georgia. She has worked with various indigo varieties but is known mainly for working with a tropical indigofera variety that originated over 250 years ago.

Episode 49: Climate Beneficial Textile Farming with Rebecca Burgess of Fibershed

Fibershed started as a personal project of Rebecca’s where she sought out a wardrobe that could be tracked within 150 miles of her location. And that personal project turned into a pioneering source for the progression towards a more sustainable equitable textile farming industry across the US.

Episode 45: Regenerative Regional Flax Production with Angela Wartes-Kahl of Fibrevolution

Fibrevolution is a seed-to-seed producer of high quality organic bast fiber, yarn, and cloth born of regenerative processes, sustainable systems, carbon farming practices, regional manufacturing and community education.

Episode 42: An International Textile Community with Ashley Thurman and Beth Meyer of FibreShare

Fibreshare is one of those beautiful weaving institutions that make our community so special. Founded in 2015, FibreShare is at its very basic an international yarn swap.

Episode 41: Flax to Linen with Sandy Fisher of Chico Flax

Chico Flax is a movement to promote a more self-reliant flax-to-fabric textile industry in the Northern Sacramento Valley. Sandy, along with other regional growers and gardeners, grows, harvests, and processes the plant for fiber.

Episode 39 : Raising Alpacas on a Fiber Farm with Kacie Lynn

Kacie Lynn is a textile artist and farmer who studied Apparel Design and then decided to sustainably raise alpacas on a small homestead in the Tennessee foothills.

Episode 37: Black Cotton with Julius Tillery

Julius is a cotton farmer from Northampton County in North Carolina. He grows cotton on his multi-generational family farm, and uses his Black cotton decor and accessories business as a tool to educate on the plight of rural black cotton farmers as well as a means of working towards his dream of turning his cotton into clothing.

Episode 33: Natural Dyes with Kathy Hattori of Botanical Colors

Kathy Hattori, the founder of Botanical Colors, is for you! Botanical Colors supplies artisans and the textile industry with the materials and knowledge to dye textiles in a way that uses less water, is non-toxic and bio-degradable.

Episode 32: Participatory Weaving with Kacie Lyn Martinez

Kacie Lyn Martinez is participatory fiber artist, facilitator, and systems designer. Kacie uses fiber arts to create spaces, tools, and technologies that honor our humanity.

Episode 30: Indigenous Textile Traditions with the Tixinda Dreamweavers

Amada is the representative for the Tixinda Dreamweavers cooperative of dyers, spinners, and weavers located in Oaxaca, Mexico. Patrice Perillie is an immigration rights attorney who works with the Tixinda cooperative to create and sell their work.

Episode 28: Contextualizing Textiles with LaChaun Moore

LaChaun is an artist and weaver, an entrepreneur, a farmer, and so much more, and I’m excited to have her on the podcast today, and to have her producing the podcast for us.