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Standard Table Linen Dimensions

I love a beautifully set table, and as weavers we can put our personal stamp on the dining linens – from design to size. Generally, larger indicates more formal, but your handwovens should fit your table and your needs. Here are some Gist table linen projects, and suggested size ranges for designing your own.

Placemats: 11-14” x 17-20”

Ideally are sized to fit your table (and your dishes!). A “standard” placemat dimension is 12" x 18”, but plate sizes have grown over years, so you may wish to go up a bit in width and length to accommodate dishes, flatware, and glasses, but keep your table size and guest’s elbow room in mind. A 14" x 20” placemat may seem rather luxurious, formal and elegant, but crowd a smaller table. What if you have a round table? We have a placemat for that!

summer solstice placemats

Runners: weaver’s choice!

A “standard” runner is 12” wide, and as long as the table plus a 6” drop on each end. So a 36” table would take a 12” x 48” runner to cover the surface and spill over the edge enough on each end to stay put, but not interfere with someone sitting at either end of the table.This is a guideline, not a rule. I’ve woven commissions for clients who wanted their runner ⅓ the width of their table and have no overhang so it could function as a placemat for the seats at either end. I’ve also woven runners that spanned the length of the table and dropped to the floor on either side! And some runners don’t reach the ends of the table, but sit in the middle for centerpieces, candles and serving vessels. The choice is yours! What fits your table and your style?

cascade runner

Trivets: 12"x12"

Trivets, which at 12”x12” (or whatever width you prefer) are nice alternatives if you don’t wish to weave the length of a runner.

viken trivets

Napkins: 6-18" x 9-22"

Napkins are my favorite go-to gift for weddings and housewarmings, and there are so many size options:

  • Cocktail: 6”x9” (I prefer 8-10” x 8-10”, I might be a little messy). Due to their small size, this a great sampling opportunity!
  • Lunch: 12-14” x 12-14”
  • Dinner: 18-20” x 18-20” (I guess this means Brunch is 15-17” x 15-17”)
  • “Lapkin”: 14”-ish x 22”-ish. This is my adaptation of a large placemat (or small kitchen towel) that can serve double duty when having to balance a plate on your lap.

No matter the meal, we have you covered:

running stitch napkins

About Christine Jablonski

Christine is Gist Yarn's Director of Content and Customer Experience. Through wit, relentless enthusiasm and enough knowledge to be dangerous, Christine seeks to introduce the wonders of weaving to every person possible.  Put another way, she is responsible for nurturing Gist's relationships with our current designers and finding new ones to bring you engaging content and patterns that are fun to both learn and weave. She is also our resident weaving whisperer, who is happy to help demystify any pattern and answer any loom or equipment questions you might have. In addition to her duties at Gist Yarn, she is an exhibiting artist whose work has been shown in New England galleries and is held in private collections across the country. She is a contributor to Little Looms and Handwoven magazines, and the author of SoulSpace Notes, a monthly column on weaving, art and life.

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