Café Table Runner

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 Cafe Table Runner

Designed by Sarah Resnick

A table runner that brings together the rustic texture of Duet Cotton/Linen and the classic elegance of Bronson lace. Order a kit.


  • 4 shaft table or floor loom
  • 10 dent reed
  • One boat shuttle & bobbin
  • Fringe Twister (optional)


Warp: Duet Cotton/Linen, 435 yds Pearl, 40 yds Dune, 475 yds total

Weft: Duet Cotton/Linen, 260 yds Dune


  • 14" weaving width
  • 10 EPI
  • 12" W x 55" L + 5" fringe on each end

Customer Reviews

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Fun Project -- Surprised at Finished Length of the Runner

I wove this on my 4-shaft loom using Duet colors, Pearl, Sun, and Cerise. Warped with Pearl, with 2 stripes of Sun and Cerise on each side. Weft was Sun, with thin pics of Cerise. The pattern was clear and easy to follow. Duet is great to weave with, and I really enjoyed the project. My surprise was that the runner turned out to be much longer than I thought after wet finishing - 95 inches - when the pattern said it should be about 55 inches when finished. So-- either I made a big error when measuring the warp on warping board, or the length of the warp stated in the pattern is off. In the pattern it says to measure the warp at 120 inches. I wonder if that number was supposed to be 102 instead??
So, I think the runner will become an attractive wall hanging instead. (in the photo, it's double folded on the rack)

Beautiful table runner

I love this draft.....such a pretty table runner and easy to follow pattern...

Fun pattern

Nice beginner pattern.

Cafe Table Runner

I didn’t use the suggested yarn for this as I was stash busting a bit. I used some 10/2 cotton, mercerized, in several shades of pink to purple for the warp, randomly threaded. The weft was a light pink linen 16/2 or so I think (it wasn’t labeled) I was a bit worried it might be too busy with the bright warp and all but the pattern shows up nicely and I am thinking ti may be a nice a scarf. I wove this pattern also with the pink linen as warp and cotton crochet natural coloras weft and it is a subtle but sweet table runner as well. The pattern is clear and as long as you have the hand weavers pattern directory book you are good to go! Thank you showing a lovely way to use this huck pattern!

Easy pattern to follow

The pattern was easy to follow. Stunning results.