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Viken Trivets

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Viken Trivets

Designed by Arianna E. Funk

A set of Rep Weave trivets using Mallo Cotton Slub in both warp and weft. Viken means ‘the inlet’ or ‘the cove’ in Swedish, a sheltered spot on the coast. The design is an abstract sun glowing just below the horizon, the view from our small boats after weathering the storm. The slubbiness of Mallo offers subtle texture and glimpses of the weft. Order a kit.


  • 4-shaft loom
  • 90 heddles per shaft
  • 12-dent reed
  • 1 boat shuttle + bobbin and 1 stick or ski shuttle


Warp: Mallo Cotton Slub, 160 yds Butter, 405 yds Honey, 395 yds Aster.

Weft: Mallo Cotton Slub, 225 yds Butter, 40 yds Honey, 290 yds Aster.


  • 10" weaving width
  • 36 EPI
  • 10 PPI in Plain Weave, 6 PPI in Rep Weave (3 thick + 3 thin)
  • Four trivets, two 10.5" x 10.5", two 11.75" x 10.5"
  • Skill level: Intermediate

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Great pattern

Kim D
Love the results but ...

I've done this pattern twice now ... the first time I had a bit of trouble winding the 36epi warp onto the back beam. I've had trouble using mallo slub for my warp before - I think it stretches too much, and even between colors the stretch is different. But I persevered because I love this pattern!
But this second time!! Oh man ... took me almost the whole day to wind the warp. First few times, it was the paper getting crooked. Then I tried the warp sticks but I ended up with a fat sausage (fatter in the middle!). I kept unwinding and trying again and again to get the warp on there with even tension. After doing that a number of times, my lovely warp chains were getting really messy. It didn't help that my ties on the end of the chains started to come loose with all the unwinding and rewinding I was doing. I ended up with so many tangles amongst those 36ends per inch in the raddle. It took me FOREVER to sort it out. I finally have it all on my beam now (except for a very tiny bit at the end where I just gave up!). NOW I CAN FINALLY WEAVE! Whew.

Love this Pattern for Trivets & Mug Rugs!

The best thing about purchasing a pattern from Gist is the detailed instructions. I'm a new weaver, and I am so happy to find patterns from Gist that explain step by step from warping to sleying to weaving! Thank you