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Standard Blanket Dimensions

One of the wonderful things about being a weaver is it gives us the opportunity to literally swaddle our loved ones (especially little ones) in a handmade cloth hug,aka a blanket or throw. But what size to make? Like so many things, that depends on a number of things: your loom width, how much you are willing to seam panels together if you have a narrow loom, the fiber and structure (some take up and shrink much more than others), and, ultimately, how it will be used.

A “blanket” can range from a very small “lovey” to a throw for a king-size bed, and everything in between. Googling “blanket sizes” yields a dizzying array of options, which means you can pick what works best for you! Here are some general size ranges for different projects to design your own, as well as a few Gist patterns:

Lovey/Security Cuddle/Comfort

This small size provides a wonderful opportunity to sample, and use up smaller amounts of high-quality yarn. Loveys make sweet gifts for newborns, although it’s not recommended they stay in their crib until after their first birthday.

  • Width: 10-14"
  • Length: 14-18"

Cradle/Car Seat

This size is good for throwing over the carseat in cooler weather, making it a practical gift for winter babies.


Tossing too big of a blanket over your little one in the stroller can result in the edges of the blanket getting dragged, dirty, and ruined. This size helps avoid that, but despite the name, Lapghan and Stroller blankets are not just for children! These throws are a terrific size for when you want something cozy to curl up under, but don't want anything too cumbersome. 


Receiving blankets can be used to swaddle newborns & keep them cozy as they adjust to life outside the womb. They’re also a great choice if you have a wider loom, or are looking for an opportunity to explore doubleweave!

About Christine Jablonski

Christine is Gist Yarn's Director of Content and Customer Experience. Through wit, relentless enthusiasm and enough knowledge to be dangerous, Christine seeks to introduce the wonders of weaving to every person possible.  Put another way, she is responsible for nurturing Gist's relationships with our current designers and finding new ones to bring you engaging content and patterns that are fun to both learn and weave. She is also our resident weaving whisperer, who is happy to help demystify any pattern and answer any loom or equipment questions you might have. In addition to her duties at Gist Yarn, she is an exhibiting artist whose work has been shown in New England galleries and is held in private collections across the country. She is a contributor to Little Looms and Handwoven magazines, and the author of SoulSpace Notes, a monthly column on weaving, art and life.

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