Windowpane Blanket

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 Windowpane Blanket

Designed by Christine Jablonski

This cotton blanket is woven with a pick-up stick in a windowpane pattern. The warp and weft floats closely resemble waffle weave. Order a kit.


  • Rigid heddle loom   (Read about adapting rigid heddle patterns for multi-shaft looms here.) 
  • 10 dent reed
  • One boat shuttle or stick shuttle
  • One bobbin (for boat shuttle only)
  • Pick-up stick
  • Sewing machine (optional)


Warp: Mallo Cotton Slub, 700 yds Denim.

Weft: Mallo Cotton Slub, 620 yds Denim.


  • 20" weaving width
  • 10 EPI
  • 10-11 PPI
  • 29” W x 34” L

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Diana Locke
Scarf with window pane pattern

Loved the look of this pattern with a variegated warp and solid weft.

Genevieve Melle
gorgeous cotton

Just finished my windowpane baby blanket in Mallo. I loved all about this yarn, the colors are beautiful, the texture is both easy to weave and lofty to the touch after washing. Much enjoyment in weaving. I came out with exactly what i had in mind. The pattern was easy and helps me improve my weaving skills. i highly recommend this yarn, and the pattern as well. It was a dream to weave good quality, soft cotton Mallo.

Floor loom

Thanks to Chris I was able to decide on a floor loomwith her help! More review to come when I start up on the loom.

Veena Raghavan

I have not tried this as yet. I am waiting to get a new rigid loom in the foreseeable future and wanted to have this pattern to try on the loom when i get it.My present loom is not wide enough. I will try to send a review once I have tried to weave the blanket and am looking forward to that happening a few months from now. Christine, I really enjoyed and got a lot of helpful information from your videos. I love your projects. Thank you.

Donna Dressler
Repeat Purchase

The duet yarn is lovely. I am making the Minimalist Shaw for a 2nd time.