Running Stitch Towels

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Running Stitch Towels

Designed by Christine Jablonski

A set of cotton and linen towels woven with a casually elegant color-and-weave motif, reminiscent of hand-stitched or quilted fabrics. Order a kit.


  • Rigid heddle loom   (Read about adapting rigid heddle patterns for multi-shaft looms here.) 
  • 12 / 12.5 dent reed
  • Two boat shuttles or stick shuttles
  • Two bobbins (for boat shuttles only)


Warp: Duet Cotton/Linen, 265 yds Dune, 55 yds Cerise; 320 yds total

Weft: Duet Cotton/Linen, 200 yds Dune, 20 yds Cerise; 220 yds total


  • 13.25" weaving width
  • 12 EPI
  • 12 PPI
  • Two towels, 12” W x 20” L

Customer Reviews

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Robin McCarthy
So nice!

So love these patterns, easy, and great ideas.

Candace Trace
Made on a 4-Shaft Loom

I had worked with Duet previously (Citrus Towels), and was very happy with the results! This pattern was a bit more challenging (I am an advanced beginner), but equally satisfying! I loved the result and will continue to work with these great patterns and fibers!

Beautiful yarn, not really appropriate for RH looms

Duet is a gorgeous yarn, the colors take slightly differently on the cotton and linen and that gives it a lot of depth. The texture is nice. I’ve woven with it on a 10 shaft countermarch, a Jane table loom and a Flip rigid heddle. I teach rigid heddle weaving and I’ve been a weaver for about 50 years (started as a kid). The linen component behaves how linen does… it doesn’t stretch, and RH looms need a bit of stretch. The result is that the slot layer is slack, even using all the tricks to get around that. You have to be careful. If you’re ok with that then this a great yarn and pattern, but If not, weave it in a shaft loom. I also think Duet needs a tighter sett than 12 epi for a towel, it would be great for a scarf. All that said, I love this design.

Kay Elam
Love the idea, but I made simenchanges

I use this beautiful pattern to make bead bags! The pics are of the finished product and the warp in the loom!

Thnknyou Gist Yarns for these amazing resources!

Hollis Finks

Order was correct.