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Duet Favorites - Set of Two Patterns

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Duet Favorites: Set of Two Patterns

Designed by Mariah Gaar and Emma Rhodes

Weave two of our favorite Duet patterns with just three cones of yarn: The Minimalist Scarf by Mariah Gaar and Citrus Towels by Emma Rhodes. The Citrus Towels is a straight-forward, beginner-friendly project with a striped warp and solid color weft. The Minimalist Scarf incorporates a unique skip-dent detail when sleying the reed and utilizes two shuttles in some areas of the pattern. As these are plain weave projects, they can be woven on either a rigid heddle or multi-shaft loom. Order a kit.


  • Rigid heddle (Read about adapting rigid heddle patterns for multi-shaft looms here.) 
  • 10 (or 15) and 12 (or 12.5) dent reed
  • Two boat shuttles with at least three bobbins or three stick shuttles


Warp & Weft: Duet Cotton/Linen in Dusk, Rust, and Dune (1 cone each)


  • 17" weaving width (scarf), 14" weaving width (towels)
  • 15 EPI and 12 PPI (scarf)
  • 12 EPI and 12 PPI (towels)
  • One scarf, 15" W x 56" L + fringe and two towels, 12" W x 21" L

Customer Reviews

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Sandra M Radons Arneson
Great pattern; remember to adjust for loom waste

Beautiful pattern that's super easy to weave. I found that this is the first pattern I've woven that the loom waste was off; I didn't get to the last 7" before I ran out of warp (not including what was behind my beater). I would add another 10" next time to account for the waste. 6" of tassel also seemed a bit long.