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Bounce Back Rug

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Bounce Back Rug

Designed by Miriam Vergara

This doubleweave cloth is woven with three different structures: plain weave, doubleweave, and leno. The plain weave sections alternate picks of Duet and Mallo to weave a marled texture, while the doubleweave sections create two distinct layers—one entirely weft-faced, and another with leno accents. This piece is intended to be used as a decorative rug on the floor of your home, but can also be placed on a table, or hung on the wall. Order a kit.


  • 4 shaft table or floor loom
  • 10 dent reed
  • Two boat shuttles with at least two bobbins
  • 24" pick-up stick


Warp: Mallo Cotton Slub, 145 yds Spice; Duet Cotton/Linen, 145 yds Pear

Weft: Mallo Cotton Slub, 200 yds Spice; Duet Cotton/Linen, 565 yds Pear


  • 19" weaving width
  • 10 EPI
  • 14 PPI in plain weave, ~32 and ~56 PPI in doubleweave (weft-faced)
  • One rug, 19" W x 27" L + fringe

Customer Reviews

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Bounce-Back rug as table runner

Fun and fast project, but upon completion, these fibers seems a bit flimsy for a rug. It will make an awesome table-topper, however. And, for what it's worth, if done as directed in the pattern, you don't need two cones of Duet, one is more than enough. I wove the project as written plus a 4" sample (to get the hang of the Leno section), and still had fiber left on the first cone. ALSO, not sure why the draft was written as a skeleton tie-up, when it can be done as a draw-down still only using 6 treadles and not requiring double-pedaling (I only know this because I have a counter-marche loom and HAD to re-write the tie-up). It's a really fun project to weave and could easily be made narrower and longer for that beautiful table-runner for which it is more suited.