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Saffron Pocket Tapestry Loom

The Saffron Loom, made by Mirrix, is the perfect portable tapestry loom for weaving on your couch or at the top of a mountain. It has one main thing that most other tiny looms are lacking: a tensioning device. This means weavers can adjust their warp tension after warping and as weaving progresses.

The Saffron can be used to weave four-selvedge tapestries, and is adjustable in height. Made in the USA from cherry wood, steel, and aluminum. 

Loom Specs

  • Weaving Width: 5"
  • Weaving Length: 8"
  • Loom Width: 5.5"
  • Weight: .69 lbs
  • Includes one top and one bottom beam with metal combs, one threaded rod, three wing-nuts, four star washers, one cap nut, one plastic cap, and written instructions. Does not include a shedding device. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Elizabeth Pile
My new favorite loom

This loom is a gem. It is easy to use and fun. I like hand held work so for me it is perfect. I learned about your loom from Rebecca Mezoff.

Bonnie Wollin
Pocket tapestry loom

Easy to warp, glad to have the ability to increase tension. Hard to access back with rod in middle of loom, would rather have four sides and middle open.

Anita Prickett
Mirrix saffron

This little loom is so much fun to weave on. Add Array yarn, and it’s kept me busy playing with colors and techniques along with Rebecca Mezoff’s course learning tapestry. I really am enjoying this a lot.

Jessenia Quiroz
the portable loom i didn't know i needed

i am enjoying how easy it is to set up this mini loom and learning on it as i take Rebecca's class which is chock full of a lot of tips and information. i'm glad i can take it at my own pace. this loom is worth it

Debra Zuk

I love your array yarn. It's a delight to weave with. (I use three strands with 12/6 seine twine 8 epi.) Im sure one could also use one strand to do Crewel work as well.

The colors are beautiful. I want one in every color!! I can't wait to order more.
Deb Zuk