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Saffron Pocket Tapestry Loom

The Saffron Loom, made by Mirrix, is the perfect portable tapestry loom for weaving on your couch or at the top of a mountain. It has one main thing that most other tiny looms are lacking: a tensioning device. This means weavers can adjust their warp tension after warping and as weaving progresses.

The Saffron can be used to weave four-selvedge tapestries, and is adjustable in height. Made in the USA from cherry wood, steel, and aluminum. 

Loom Specs

  • Weaving Width: 5"
  • Weaving Length: 8"
  • Loom Width: 5.5"
  • Weight: .69 lbs
  • Includes one top and one bottom beam with metal combs, one threaded rod, three wing-nuts, four star washers, one cap nut, one plastic cap, and written instructions. Does not include a shedding device. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Nna Eoolf

Saffron Pocket Tapestry Loom

Lynne Whaley
Getting Back to Tapestry

I really like this little loom, and anticipate bringing it out for more than tiny tapestries - color sampling, figuring out sett on mystery stash, playing on a small scale with weave structures before getting on the floor loom, travel weaving… the list goes on. I’ve played a bit either various warp weights and setts and have found it to be extremely versatile. This loom has adjustable tension (!❤️!), and can be made longer with the purchase of a longer threaded rod. I don’t know what the maximum functional length might be, but mine is 18 inches (half of the 36 inch rod available at Ace hardware); there have been no issues. The small “footprint” is also perfect for weaving anywhere I happen to be in the house which is handy since I often need to be downstairs in the middle of everything rather than in my studio space. It is just perfect.

Geoff Adams
Fantastic little loom!

I am beginner and purchased the Mirrix Saffron loom as part of the Learn to Weave bundle with into course by Rebecca Mezoff from Gist. The class is fantastic and the Saffron loom is the perfect thing to learn on. It’s beautifully designed with a simple tensioning method. The Array yarn was really fun to work with – especially the possibilities of color mixing. I learned a lot and have since ordered more Array colors – I’m excited to learn more techniques on the loom. Small tapestry is a wonderful medium!

Anna R
Very easy to use

Super easy to warp and quickly weave a mini tapestry to test out techniques and colors.

Laurie Wilson

So far- so good! I am just starting to use it