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Weaving with Sparkling Yarn with Lena Kolb

Today I am sharing a stunning piece Lena Kolb wove with sparkly yarn.

Lena writes: "I wanted to create a piece that was three-dimensional as most of my woven work to this point has been flat. I figured that the piece could be fairly simple since there would be a lot going on with the hanging threads. I really enjoyed dreaming this piece up and figuring out how to bring it to life. I definitely learned a lot and plan on experimenting further with 3D work. I loved using the ITO sparkly yarn and am excited to continue to use it in my weaving." 

See more details about the piece below the photos.

weaving sparkly yarn
weaving sparkly yarn
weaving glitter yarn
weaving with glitter yarn
sparkly weaving
glitter weaving yarn Lena Kolb

Project Details

Lena writes: "I love experimenting with simple striping techniques to create different shades and color representations... so I stuck with a simple stripe pattern. I wove the piece at 15 EPI using a black 8/2 un-mercerized cotton for the warp and some of the weft. I used the ITO Sparkly Weaving Yarn for the stripes and hanging golden threads.

The piece is 22 x 72 x 15 inches. Placing the hanging gold threads was insanely time consuming....I  really hadn't thought about that when planning the project. I placed each gold thread around one warp thread in three different rows. That part took me longer then weaving the whole piece. I also really hadn't considered the challenge of hanging and photographing the piece when I was dreaming it up. I realized I don't have very many large white spaces in my life to photograph work and that defiantly is necessary. It was also pretty challenging to balance the dark color against the light sparkly gold in photographs.I love glitter and sparkles!"