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Are you afraid of weaving with linen?

Are you one of those weavers who is afraid of trying linen yarn? Don't be!

linen weaving yarn

Linen is one of those gorgeous, texture-y beautiful yarns that I get a lot of nervous questions about. Can I use it as a warp? Do I need to dampen it when I weave? Is it going to be hard? 

I'm probably a broken record because I have pretty much the same response about everything, but for this it certainly is true: Just try it! 

Linen doesn't have the elasticity of other yarn so it can be a tad more challenging as a warp, but it's nothing you can't handle. Take care to wind on with even tension, and as you are weaving, you should advance the warp frequently. Linen is very strong and won't break when you try to snap it, but it does weaken with side to side abrasion, so advancing your warp minimizes the time that any one part of the yarn is in the heddles. 

(As for whether you should wet the warp while you're weaving...I have never needed to, but I live on the East Coast with a lot of humidity. If you are somewhere very dry, you could try spritzing it with a bit of water.)