Weave a Tapestry Pillow and Tote Bag – GIST: Yarn & Fiber
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Today we're talking tapestry! Shiri Klein creates gorgeous tapestry weavings in northern New Mexico. I have followed her gorgeous work on Instagram for a while now, so I was excited to see what she could create with this very special Mountain Meadow Wool tapestry yarn

See below the photos for all the details about how Shiri wove these pieces. You can buy wool weft here, and wool warp here

wool tapestry yarn weaving
wool tapestry yarn weaving
wool tapestry yarn weaving
wool tapestry yarn weaving
wool tapestry yarn weaving
wool tapestry yarn weaving
wool tapestry yarn weaving
Project Details

Shiri writes: "I weave at 8 epi and am enjoying this  new yarn! It's a little bit thinner than my regular yarns but it mixes very well with them. It is also surprisingly soft, which is a bonus  :)

When weaving  pillows and tote bags I tend to focus my design on one or two Rio Grande motifs  and then play with colors. For the pillows I chose an earth tone color scheme with a touch of Turquoise.The rich gradient colors of the Cider and Marigold tapestry yarns worked out beautifully with my natural dyed (black walnut) and commercially dyed yarns. For the tote bag, I used Nectarine yarn for a bold and bright contrast to the white crosses."


Julie Luntzel-Hom

Julie Luntzel-Hom said:

Good morning Sara. You are killing me with all your great projects, but what a way to go. Now I have to learn tapestry weaving.
Does Shiri teach online? I have always thought tapestry was ornate European style weaving. Now I see these interesting designs and know better. I am glad to see this on a floor loom as opposed too a tapestry loom. How did she transfer the design to the loom?

Sarah Resnick

Sarah Resnick said:

Hi Julie,
Yes you should try it!! I’m not sure if Shiri teaches, you could reach out to her! Rebecca Mezoff teaches great online tapestry weaving classes, you can find them here http://www.rebeccamezoff.com/. (And you can listen to a podcast interview with Rebecca, where she also talks about those classes, here: https://www.gistyarn.com/blogs/podcast/episode-11-tapestry-weaving-with-rebecca-mezoff

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