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Tencel Wave Scarf

Free Pattern to Weave this Tencel Wave Scarf
Free Pattern to Weave this Tencel Wave Scarf

Wave Scarf 

*Please note, we no longer carry this yarn, but you are welcome to use this pattern as inspiration!*

Strong, washable, and super soft, this yarn is the perfect (and affordable) alternative to silk. Sarah designed this beautiful weaving project using three cones in complementing colors to create a soft gradient. Wind a warp long enough for three scarves and try weaving each scarf using a different weft color. This is a fun way to experiment with how different weft colors affect the same warp. See all the project details below and purchase a kit to get started! 


Warp & Weft:3 cones of 8/2 weaving yarn

Free Pattern to Weave this Tencel Wave Scarf
Free Pattern to Weave this Tencel Wave Scarf

Project Notes 

  • Tools Required: 4 shaft table or floor loom, shuttle & bobbinsfringe twister 
  • EPI: 24
  • Width at Reed: 8"
  • Warp Ends: 200
  • Warp Length: 7.25 yards
  • Draft: 2/2 Twill (see draft below) and tabby
  • Finished Dimensions: 3 scarves that measure approximately 7" W x 68" L + 5" of fringe on each side
  • Finishing Details: Hemstitch, twisted fringe
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold & tumble dry low, iron to bring out the shine
Free Pattern to Weave this Tencel Wave Scarf
Free Pattern to Weave this Tencel Wave Scarf


In the photos above, Color A is Silver (lightest color), Color B is Sage (medium color), and Color C is Lime Green (darkest color)

Warp Color Order: Warp the following pattern for a total of 192 warp ends.

12A - 1B - 5A - 2B - 4A - 1C - 1B - 2A - 4B - 2C - 4A - 3B - 1C - 4A - 3B - 1C - 4B - 6A - 4B - 2C - 4B - 2A - 8B - 2C - 2A - 2C - 8B - 6C - 6B - 2A - 8B - 8C - 4B - 2A - 4C - 4B - 6C - 2B - 2A - 10C - 4B - 8C - 4A - 2B - 8C - 2B - 6C

    Weft Color Order: Weave scarf 1 with Color A as the weft, scarf 2 with Color B as the weft, and scarf 3 with Color C as the weft. Begin and end each scarf with hemstitch and leave 12" of space between scarves for fringe. Alternate between twill (see draft) and tabby on each scarf, following this sequence:

    • 4" of twill 
    • 64" tabby 
    • 4" twill 

    Finishing:Cut the scarves apart leaving 6" of fringe on each side. Machine wash and tumble dry low. (If you did not hemstitch, make sure to secure the edges first!) Press with a warm iron to bring out the shine. Twist fringe and trim to about 5" on each side. 

    About Sarah Resnick

    Sarah Resnick is the founder of GIST: Yarn & Fiber, and the host of the Weave podcast. She learned how to weave in Toronto in 2009, and was hauling a Craigslist loom up to her apartment two months later...she's never looked back since! Other parts of her fiber journey included selling handwoven baby wraps, helping to launch a sewing factory in Fall River, Massachusetts, and creating Jewish ritual textiles for people celebrating life cycle events. The thread that winds through everything she does is a passion for building systems that directly support farmers, manufacturers, and artists to bring value and beauty into the world. 

    Sarah Resnick