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Brooks Bouquet Curtains

Free Pattern to Weave a Pair of Brooks Bouquet Curtains
Free Pattern to Weave a Pair of Brooks Bouquet Curtains

Brooks Bouquet Curtains 

*Please note, we no longer carry this yarn, but you are welcome to use this pattern as inspiration!*

Weave an elegant pair of curtains designed by Erin Supinski for her Brooklyn home. These curtains are woven with a few of our favorite undyed yarns including Silk / Ramie10/2 Silk Noil, and Fine Paper Weaving Yarn. The light, airy texture is complemented by Brooks Bouquet detailing and filters light beautifully. 

Free Pattern to Weave a Pair of Brooks Bouquet Curtains


This pattern is designed to weave a pair of curtains that measure 35.5" W x 69" L. If your windows are similar in size we recommend purchasing one kit. If your windows are considerably larger or you would like to make multiple pairs, we recommend purchasing two kits.

Free Pattern to Weave a Pair of Brooks Bouquet Curtains
Free Pattern to Weave a Pair of Brooks Bouquet Curtains

Project Notes

  • Tools Required: 2-4 shaft loom12 dent reedshuttle & bobbins
  • EPI: 16 (threaded in a 12 dent reed 2-1-1-2-1-1)
  • Width at Reed: 39.625" 
  • Warp Ends: 634
  • Warp Length: 8 yards
  • Length on the Loom: Approximately 200" (100" each panel to account for shrinkage and hemming) 
  • PPI: 16
  • Draft: Plain Weave 
  •  Finishing Details: Wet finished and sewn into 2 panels that measure approximately 69" L x 35.5" W with a doubled 5" bottom hem and a doubled 1 1/2" rod pocket. Each panel measures about 83" before cutting and hemming.
  •  Care Instructions: Hand wash cold with a mild detergent, air dry, steam or iron on lowest setting as needed.
  • Free Pattern to Weave a Pair of Brooks Bouquet Curtains
    Free Pattern to Weave a Pair of Brooks Bouquet Curtains

    Weaving and Finishing

    Erin writes, "I wanted to make sheer, airy curtains focusing on the textures of the different yarns, so I sett my project loosely, and in the warp I alternated big stripes of the UKI cotton (five stripes) and the Brassard cotton(six stripes) at 54 ends each. In between these thicker stripes I alternated thin stripes of four ends each of the silk/ramie and silk noil, for a total of 10 skinny stripes (five stripes of each). I made sure to have enough yarn in the warp to do a sample in order to try different techniques and to calculate shrinkage after washing." 

    Yarn A= UKI 8/2 Un-mercerized Cotton Weaving Yarn

    Yarn B= 8/2 Un-mercerized Brassard Weaving Yarn

    Yarn C = Silk / Ramie Weaving Yarn

    Yarn D = 10/2 Silk Noil Weaving Yarn

    Yarn E = White Fine Paper Weaving Yarn 

    Wind a warp repeating the following sequence 5 times, and then wind 54 ends of Yarn A, for a total of 634 warp ends: 

    • 54 ends of Yarn A 
    • 4 ends of Yarn C
    • 54 ends of Yarn B 
    • 4 ends of Yarn D

    "For the weft I again alternated the wider stripes, 51 picks each at16 ppi, of theUKI andBrassard, and I added in a wide stripe of the fine paper. In between the UKI and Brassard I did askinny stripe of thesilk/ramie, and on either side of the paper yarn I did a stripe of thesilk noil. Each skinny stripe was 4 picks each. The overall effect was a windowpane plaid in different textures of yarn." 

    Repeat the following sequence for each panel: 

    • 51 picks of Yarn A
    • 4 picks Yarn C
    • 51 picks Yarn B 
    • 4 picks Yarn D
    • 51 picks Yarn E
    • 4 picks Yarn D

    "I randomly chose some of the wider stripes and inlaid some brooks bouquet. I wove three picks in the stripe then went four ends into each stripe, wrapped around the next five ends, wove the the next five, wrapped the next five and so on until there were four ends left, and then I wove the rest of the row. Then I wove four picks, and on the fifth pick I staggered the wraps, so I wove nine ends, wrapped five, wove five ends, wrapped five, and so on until there were nine ends left in the stripe. Then I wove the rest of the row. I repeated these on every fifth pick nine times for a total of 48 picks in the stripe, then I wove the last three picks (for a total of 51 in the stripe), and switched yarn for the skinny stripe. (The pictures I included may help clarify this a bit...)"

    For more information on Brooks Bouquet see this tutorial on the Schacht Spindle Company website. 

    "I made sure each panel was at least 100" long to account for shrinkage, and to give enough fabric to sew the hem and rod pocket, but I like to give myself extra wiggle room, so I wove an extra 15" overall, so I would have enough to make sure my stripes lined up across both panels.

    Then I cut the fabric off the loom, soaked it in the bathtub with some Woolite and warm water, and ironed it until it was dry. I then cut each panel to 83" making sure the stripes lined up as closely as possible. For the rod pockets I ironed the top down 1 1/2", and then I folded that down another 1 1/2", pressed, and sewed. For the hem, I pressed 5", then folded up another 5", pressed, and sewed. I like using double hems because it makes the curtains feel more substantial. Then I used a tension rod and hung them in my window—done!"

    Free Pattern to Weave a Pair of Brooks Bouquet Curtains

    About the Artist 

    Formally trained as a graphic designer and illustrator, Erin Supinski spends all of her free time weaving from her home studio in Brooklyn. Drawn to the tactility of weaving and primarily self-taught, she has been weaving since 2014. She loves to create items that are functional, simple, and beautiful out of natural materials.

    To see more of Erin's work and process check out her Instagram

    Erin Supinski Artist Bio