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Tencel is the perfect yarn for weaving soft and luxurious scarves. Strong, washable, and super soft, Tencel is an affordable alternative to silk and great for beginners and experienced weavers alike.

I designed this fun weaving project using three cones of complementary colors of Tencel in the warp. Wind a warp long enough for three scarves, and make each scarf using a different weft color. This is a fun way to experiment with how different weft colors affect the same warp. 

Find all the geeky weaver details, as well as other suggested color combos, below the photos! To make these scarves, purchase three cones of Tencel

free handwoven scarf pattern tencel

free handwoven scarf pattern tencel

free handwoven scarf pattern tencel

free handwoven scarf pattern tencel

The Details

  • Warp Yarn: 3 cones of Tencel weaving yarn. The photos above are made from 1 cone of Lime Green, 1 cone of Sage, and 1 cone of Silver. See more suggested color combinations below.
  • Weft Yarn:  Tencel weaving yarn (you will have enough left over from winding the warp for your weft). 
  • Equipment: 4-shaft loom, 1 shuttle. 
  • Weave Structure: 2/2 Twill and Tabby Weave, adapted from a draft on page 33 of The Handweaver's Pattern Directory by Anne Dixon (see draft below
  • Warp Length: 7.25 yards
  • EPI: 24
  • Width in reed: 8"
  • Warp Ends: 192
  • Finished Size (after hand washing, laying flat to dry, and ironing): 7.25" x 68" + 5" of fringe on each size. The warp is enough to make 3 scarves. 

Weaving Draft

Weave 4" of twill, 64" of tabby weave, and 4" of twill for each scarf. Leave 12" between scarves for fringe.  
weaving draft
Other Color Options (or choose your own colors!)
tencel weaving yarn
Color A: Turquoise. Color B: Periwinkle. Color C: Rose
tencel weaving yarn
Color A: White. Color B: Silver. Color C: Charcoal.
tencel weaving yarn
Color A: Silver. Color B: Seashell. Color C: White.
tencel weaving yarn
Color A: Seashell. Color B: Gold. Color C: Brown.
tencel weaving yarn
Color A: Sunshine. Color B: Cayenne. Color C: Scarlet


Color Order for Warp

In the photos of the scarf above, Color A is Silver, Color B is Sage, and Color C is Lime Green. 

12A - 1B - 5A - 2B - 4A - 1C - 1B - 2A - 4B - 2C - 4A - 3B - 1C - 4A - 3B - 1C - 4B - 6A - 4B - 2C - 4B - 2A - 8B - 2C - 2A - 2C - 8B - 6C - 6B - 2A - 8B - 8C - 4B - 2A - 4C - 4B - 6C - 2B - 2A - 10C - 4B - 8C - 4A - 2B - 8C - 2B - 6C - 8 C
    April 26, 2018 — Sarah Resnick



    virginia said:

    how may i adapt for rigid heddle?


    Olivia said:

    Hi! I’m new to weaving. Do I need floating selvedges?

    Sarah Resnick

    Sarah Resnick said:

    Thanks for pointing that out, it is updated correctly!


    Cate said:

    I’m counting 200 warp ends by the color order count, as Susan noted.

    Susan Cox

    Susan Cox said:

    I’m coming up with a total of 200 threads instead of the 192 listed and I’ve counted them 5 times. Just checking out the pattern. The scarves are beautiful.


    Sue said:

    Thank you for sharing this pattern, the scarf is stunning. You really have an eye for colour, unlike myself who really struggles with this :(


    Lis said:

    Could you tell me how many of warp each color to wind? Each time I add up the A, B and C warps I get different numbers and they don’t sum to 192. Thank you!

    Sarah Resnick

    Sarah Resnick said:

    Yes, this can be done on a rigid heddle with 2 × 12 heddles, or using 1 12 heddle if you double up the tencel!


    Kinome said:

    I would also like to know if it can be done on a rigid heddle!


    Peggy said:

    Beautiful yarn! I only have a Ashford RH loom. Can this yarn be used with a 12.5 heddle? Don’t care about the design on the ends.


    Cathy said:

    Can this be done on a rigid heddle loom?

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