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4 Ideas to Weave with My Bestselling Yarn

Today I want to share a little bit about the yarn that's been flying off my shelves - these HUGE skeins of 50/50 cotton linen blends that I import directly from Florence, Italy. They have a glorious slightly slubby texture and are so versatile - soft and durable enough to be used in hand towels and placemats, and special enough to be used in scarves and shawls. And suitable for warp and weft!

cotton linen weaving yarn

One customer shared: "I love the texture of this yarn. It speaks volumes without the need for a complex draft. Beautiful sheen, a nice clean white, and if my samples are any indication, the hand will only get better with time."

cotton linen weaving yarn

Curious to try it out? Here are 4 ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Make a set of tea towels. Choose 1 skein of cotton/linen yarn, and pick a complementary color of 8/2 un-mercerized cotton for the warp.  Thread your loom at 24 epi, and pick a twill pattern to show off the beautiful texture of this yarn. 
  • Make a special table runner. Chose 1 skein of cotton/linen yarn for the warp. Wind a warp with 20 epi for plain weave. When threading, skip some dents and play with gaps in your reed to create some special visual interest and texture in the table runner. Use fine paper yarn for the weft (yes, it's strong and durable!) to create a table runner with stunning and unique textures. 
  • Make a scarf! Use complementary colors of cotton/linen yarn for warp and weft, and create something truly elegant and cozy to wrap around yourself.
  • Create a special wrapping cloth, inspired by this project my customer Bree created!  

free weaving pattern

Another customer wrote: "I opened my delivery to find a gigantic skein of wonderful weaving fiber. The slightly irregular texture is going to be so lovely woven. Looking forward to using it."

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