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Cozy Alpaca Throw

Free Weaving Pattern Cozy Alpaca Throw Blanket For Fall

Cozy Alpaca Throw

** Please note ** We no longer carry the yarn for this pattern, but you are welcome to use it for inspiration.

A warm and cozy throw blanket in twill stripes woven with
100% Alpaca Weaving Yarn

Designed byMariah Gaar for GIST: Yarn & Fiber. 

Need some help getting started? Check out Resources for Beginner and Intermediate Weavers. 

Free Weaving Pattern Cozy Alpaca Throw Blanket For Fall


Warp and Weft:3/10 Alpaca Weaving Yarn - Mariah used Whole Wheat, Cloud, and Graphite (discontinued)

Free Weaving Pattern Cozy Alpaca Throw Blanket For Fall
Free Weaving Pattern Cozy Alpaca Throw Blanket For Fall

Project Notes

  • Tools Required: 4 shaft table or floor loom*, 10 dent reedshuttle and bobbins
  •  EPI: 10
  •  Width at Reed:  40" (but if your loom isn't wide enough, you can weave two 20" panels and seam them together - see our tips below)
  •  Warp Ends: 400 (or 200 if you are going to seam two panels together)
  •  Warp Length: 3 yards (or 6 yards if you are going to seam two panels together)
  •  Technique: Bird's Eye Twill 
  •  Total Warp Yarn Used: ~1200 yards
  •  Total Weft Yarn Used ~400 yards of each color, ~1200 yards total
  •  Finished Dimensions: 56" L (not including fringe) x 38" W 
  •  Finishing Details: Hemstitch, 6" fringe on both sides 
  •  Care Instructions: Hand wash cold with a mild soap, roll up in a towel to absorb excess water, lay flat to dry, press as needed
  •  Note: *To weave a similar version of this blanket on a rigid heddle loom, see our tips below.

Weaving & Finishing

  • Color A = Whole Wheat
  • Color B = Cloud
  • Color C = Graphite

Warp Color Order:Wind a warp with Color A for a total of 400 warp ends (200 if you are weaving the blanket in 2 panels). 

Weft Color Order: Begin and end with hemstitch. Weave with Color A, Color B, and Color C in the stripe or color block sequence of your choice for the entirety of your warp or until the blanket measures approximately 62" in loom. 

Finishing: Wet finish in cold water with a mild soap. Roll up in a towel to absorb excess water and hang or lay flat to dry. Press as needed and trim fringe to 6" on each side. 


Small looms are not limited to small projects! To weave a similar version of this blanket with our 3/10 alpaca yarn (discontinued since this post was published) on a rigid heddle loom, we suggest using a 10 or 12 dent heddle (10 for a slightly airier blanket, and 12 for a slightly denser one.) If you want to weave a blanket wider than your loom, you can simply wind a warp twice as long, weave two matching panels (following the specifications above), and seam them together using a figure-eight stitch. You can find some great tips on seaming rigid heddle pieces and an illustration of the figure-eight stitch on Handwoven's website. 

Since you will be seaming two panels together to create this blanket, we recommend creating stripes in the warp and using a solid color for the weft (lining up stripes can be a hassle). 

  • Each panel should measure approximately 56" L x 20" W when taken off the loom (not including fringe).  Make sure to leave approximately 12" of space between the two panels for the fringe and at least 6" at the beginning and end. 
  • Cut the two panels apart in the middle of the 12" spacer. 
  • Tie off and trim the 6" fringe on each panel. 
  • Line up the two selvedges (use fabric weights or pins if necessary) and thread your needle with a long piece of the alpaca yarn in a matching color so that the seam will be nearly invisible.
  • Hand wash with cold water and hang to dry. 

About Mariah Gaar

"I have a background in Studio Art -- specifically in fibers and graphic design. In my own work, I aim to create access to heirloom quality textiles. I explore various natural fibers and color combinations to make something worthy of holding on to. I focus on the juxtaposition between art and function - and try to find the balance between the two. Weaving is my passion and I enjoy continuing to learn more about this medium every day."

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