Duet Cotton / Linen Weaving Yarn ~ Anchor

Anchor is a quiet gray. 

A versatile yarn, Duet is strong enough for warp, soft enough for garments, and hardy enough for kitchen towels. Made from 55% European tow linen and 45% USA-grown cotton.

  • 4 oz cones
  • 600 yards
  • 12-16 epi
  • Suitable for warp and weft
  • Rigid heddle or multi-shaft loom

Machine wash in cool water. Air dry or machine dry (air drying preserves the longevity of linen). 

Made in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Margaret Wright
Beautiful yarn

Weaves and looks like a dream!

inspiring and remarkably beginner-friendly!!

LOVE this yarn. I am a newbie, and used duet in the pear and marble colorways in combination with some other yarns on only my third-ever piece in my life on a 4-harness loom. Selvedges are omitted from photos to protect my unbridled confidence that someday, I'll be a fabulous weaver ;) But I should have taken photos of my trying to untangle a warp-gone-AWOL (during dressing the loom), when the duet really shone... it was SO much easier to untangle than the 100% cotton (not from gist). Looming disasters happen (especially for new weavers....) and the duet stood out as being perfectly well-behaved. Lastly, while it looks delicate - its strong. No breakage. Some separating of the loosely wound fibers when used as weft (especially at selvedges), but once woven, gorgeous. I've added other color-ways to my growing stash. Thank you gist for offering such inspiring yarns & colors!!

A lovely yarn

I wove some hand towels and washcloths from this yarn at various setts. 14 epi/14 ppi plain weave gave the fabric a nice drapey hand while still being stable; I don't think I would go down to 12. 14 epi was as open as I would go for a herringbone twill, but I think it was too open for waffle and a rosepath twill. There were too many long floats to catch on things, and the cloth was not stable enough. I preferred 16 epi for my twills and waffles with this yarn, and I'll probably weave a few more washcloths in twills and waffle at 18 epi to see what happens.

This yarn softens up beautifully after wet finishing in the washing machine (with the one exception of the loop pile I wove using a size F crochet hook for the pile; it was soft enough for use but not super super soft like the flat fabric). The dye holds up quite well in the wash thus far.

My major complaint is that there are occasional strawlike planty bits in the yarn, presumably from the linen. I found these planty bits in both colors I ordered. This is the first time I've woven with a fiber containing linen, so I'm not certain if this is normal, but it was certainly inconvenient. The planty bits are often difficult to remove, as they're spun into the yarn. Even with the planty bits, I would definitely use this yarn again. I just wish there were more colors!

Duet yarn is great

All of the Duet colors are beautiful- sort of softly intense, and working with them is a dream.

Wendy Connelly
Beautiful Yarn

Easy to work with. Beautiful sheen, loved the finished product.