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Wholesale Policies

Thank you for your interest in carrying Gist Yarn. We produce high quality yarn designed specifically for weavers, and we love partnering with select retailers focused on serving the weaving community. 

Lines of Yarn

      • Duet is a cotton/linen slub blend weaving yarn. 600 yards per 4 oz cone. 
      • Mallo is a cotton slub blend weaving yarn. 750 yards per 8 oz cone. 
      • Beam is a 3/2 organic cotton weaving yarn. 630 yards per 8 oz cone.
      • Array is a 2/12 worsted spun tapestry wool yarn. 840 yards per 4 oz cone and 210 yards per 1 oz tube.
      • Ode is a 4/9 baby alpaca yarn. 615 yards per 9 oz cone.
      • Sero is a 3/15 silk noil. 540 yards per 3.5 oz cone.

Put-up/Wind-off Policy

Yarn may only be sold individually in its original put-up. Yarn may be wound into smaller quantities only if sold with your specific, original and branded learning content/instructions.  

Minimums and Discount Policy

The minimum initial wholesale order is $400, subsequent order minimum is $150, excluding shipping.  

Please note that discounts on our own website are very rare, and we do not work with shops or other websites who regularly or heavily discount their products. We believe this is important for preserving the margins for the small businesses and brick and mortar shops we work with, and we are committed to your success with our products. We require full payment before shipping. 


If you are interested in becoming a wholesale partner, please fill out this form on our website and email Christine (christine@gistyarn.com) your re-sale certificate. After we receive your information, we will be in touch. You are welcome to reach out to Christine any time with questions, at christine@gistyarn.com or by calling 617-390-6835. 

We look forward to working with you!