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Three Column Lace Scarf

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$ 52.00 USD
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Three Column Lace Scarf

Designed by Christine Jablonski

This cozy monochromatic scarf is woven with just one cone of our Ode alpaca yarn, featuring a reversible warp and weft float lace pattern. After setting up the loom, two pick-up sticks are introduced using a technique that allows each stick to slide past the other along the warp for quick and efficient weaving. Order a kit.


  • Rigid heddle loom
  • 10 dent reed
  • One boat shuttle with at least one bobbin, or one stick shuttle
  • Two pick-up sticks, fringe twister


Warp: Ode Alpaca, 300 yds Cloud

Weft: Ode Alpaca, 230 yds Cloud


  • 10.7" weaving width
  • 10 EPI
  • 9 PPI
  • One scarf, 9.5" W x 70" L + fringe

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Laura Wingate
Have not used the pattern

Thanks, it was sent as soon as ordered

Debbie Wethington
Awesome scarf

Love love love this pattern. So easy to follow!

Alice Ward
Three Column Lace Scarf

This scarf was easy to make and turned out beautifully!

A great pattern to weave

I'm a beginner and I managed to get my head around this fairly quickly, clear instructions and I love the way the pick up sticks simply slide over each other rather than having to be reinserted every time. A very enjoyable weave. Thank you

Judith Leatherberry
Three Column Lace Scarf

When I saw this pattern, I knew it was one I wanted to make. It's got an interesting texture on both the front and back, and only uses one cone of yarn to make. After reading through the pattern a couple of times, I'm convinced that it's easy to make even for a beginner! The instructions are clear, and I love the way the pick-up stick patterns are designed so they can simply slide past one another instead of having to constantly re-do one. Can't wait to get this one on a loom to weave!