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Color Field Scarf

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Color Field Scarf

Designed by Emma E. Rhodes, adapted for Sero Silk Noil and woven by Christine Jablonski

The Color Field Scarf is one of our earliest and most-loved patterns, first published in 2018. The pattern has been adapted to be woven with Sero Silk Noil. Designed with beginner weavers in mind, this simple pattern will introduce you to working with multiple colors in the warp and weft while enjoying the process of weaving with a softly textured silk noil yarn.  Order a kit.

Pattern downloads include files for both rigid heddle and shaft loom weaving. Yardage requirements vary based upon the loom. 


  • Rigid heddle or 4-shaft loom
  • 49-50 heddles per shaft for 4-shaft loom
  • 12-dent reed
  • 1 boat shuttle + 3 bobbins or 3 stick shuttles


Warp: Sero Silk Noil, 220-240 yds Gloam, 220-240 yds Glacier, 220-240 yds Peacock.

Weft: Sero Silk Noil, 245 yds Gloam, 245 yds Glacier, 125 yds Peacock.


  • 16.5" weaving width
  • 12 EPI 
  • 12 PPI
  • One scarf, 13" W x 88" L + fringe
  • Skill level: Beginner

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Judith C. Cole
Elegant silk scarf

I am in the process of weaving this beautiful colour field scarf. I have found the pattern easy to follow, and also to adapt. I have chosen to warp the narrower version given in the pattern variation and I have also changed the warp length to 3 yards, adjusting the blocks of colours to match this new length. I will have enough thread to weave a second scarf and I plan to put a 3-1 lace weave down the centre block.

gail wilson
Easy and very nice

I ordered two kits, but got two scarves from the first kit. It is easy, and very satisfying. My daughter adopted the scarf (almost absconded with it) right off the loom.

James Reed
Great pattern!

With the smaller Silk Noil, it did take longer to weave, but was relatively easy and very good for a beginner - like me. Finished product was just the right length, and will make a lovely gift. There was no note on how she did the fringe, so I twisted mine. Would like to know detail about her fringe, as it looks nice in the photos.

New weaver

I felt it was too wide and too long,love the pattern but being my second project I had the typical beginners issues edges, the yarn I used was too thin and it was only warped with a single thread.

Mary Schnell

I have not started this project as I am completing a different one first, but love the colors and can’t wait to get started!!!!