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Ashford Rigid Heddle Weaving Starter Pack

Everything you need to get started with weaving on a rigid heddle loom! 

By Ashford Wheels & Looms, made in New Zealand

The Starter Pack includes:

  • 24" Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom
  • 7.5 dent, 10 dent, and 12.5 dent reed
  • Ashford Wax Polish
  • 2 stick shuttles
  • Clamps
  • Double End Threading Hook
  • Warping Peg and Clamp
  • Warping Guide

The Deluxe Starter Pack includes everything above plus:

  • Variable Loom Stand
  • Wooden Bobbin Winder
  • 2 x 11.5" Boat Shuttles
  • 12 Boat Shuttle Bobbins
  • Fringe Twister
  • Rigid Heddle Warping Pegs (allows you to use your loom as a warping board)

The Super Deluxe Starter Pack includes everything above plus:

  • 4.5 yard warping board 

Starter Packs ship free in the USA! We are sorry, but we are not able to ship looms internationally. Click here for more information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mary Willrett
Ashford loom

I love my loom!! As a beginner weaver I researched out all my options and ordered the Ashford loom from Gist and I am very happy with my purchase. Happily weaving several dish towels and scarfs!!

Melinda Fletcher
Great Start in Weaving

I bought this to use while learning the basics and finding out whether I want to invest more. I love it! Very good learning tool. It let’s me do very basic stuff and it let’s me branch out and learn more. Top quality. I’m glad I bought the deluxe pack - it has what i needed to weave many different projects.

Perfect loom!

I have a larger size rigid heddle, which I also love but sometimes I just want to work with something smaller. This fits the bill! I can still weave a variety of items and all the ‘goodies’ that come with the starter pack are awesome. As always customer service is the best!!

Laurie Briden
Review by a newbie

I want to thank you for your help in deciding which loom to buy. Your website has so many valuable articles and you have been responsive to my questions. Your website is the first place those considering to take up weaving should visit.

Elizabeth Smiley
Loving My Loom

I’ve always wanted to learn weaving so after an intto class I decided I wanted to buy my own loom. I’m not sure how I got to the GIST site but I loved their info on how to choose a loom and I am so glad I chose the Ashford Complete kit. I love you get 3 heddles and those alone make it worth it. Easy to put together and instructions are clear. Is very well made and simply beautiful to look at. Am saving for the stand next. I’m still on my first project but this is something I’ll use for years. Also for it to ship from New Zealand with no freight charges for me made me a GIST customer for life.